Windows 11 will go online this fall will “refactor” the operating system experience

In a conference call with analysts after the fourth fiscal quarter of fiscal 2021, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella set very high expectations for Windows 11. Nadella also revealed that Windows 11 is still planned to be launched this fall, but there is no more specific time.

Obviously, Windows 11 will be rolled out to some devices before the end of this year, and it is estimated that more eligible devices will be invited to upgrade the experience in early 2022. The Windows 11 system was released in June this year, and then Microsoft released 4 preview updates, mainly to fix various problems in the new system, and did not introduce new features.  

Windows 11
Windows 11

In the earnings conference call, Nadella discussed that the Windows 11 system has achieved initial success. Microsoft said that Windows 11 is already very popular, and the preview version has been downloaded more than any other Windows version.

This shows that people are excited about Windows 11 and that Microsoft’s marketing efforts are paying off.In a phone call with stakeholders, Nadella said: “The number of downloads of the Windows 11 preview update has broken the record of the Windows Insider project.

And, together with our OEM ecosystem, we are very happy to start Windows 11 is brought to the new PC”.  

Although no more specific details were provided, in a new report recently released by a third-party company AdDuplex, Windows 11 accounted for close to 1% of the PCs under investigation.

The report surveyed approximately 60,000 devices, based on data collected from 5,000 apps that use AdDuplex SDK v2 or higher, which is an advertising network for Microsoft Store apps.

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