Windows 11: How to switch from the Insider Program to the final version

windows 11

Windows 11 is here. Quite a few curious people have tested the new operating system in advance using the Windows Insider Program and now want to switch to the final version or back to Windows 10. This is how it works.

There is the thing: Microsoft has officially released Windows 11 and is now gradually distributing it to interested users. Anyone who has already tried the new operating system using the Windows Insider Program and now wants to switch to the regular version or back to the predecessor Windows 10 only needs a few clicks of the mouse. Technoeager explains how to do it.

From the insider program to the final Windows 11

In order for the switch to work, it is important that you are NOT in the Developer Channel. The tests are already running there on a newer version, currently Build 22471 . So you would have to do a downgrade, which is simply not possible. Microsoft announced this some time ago. If you haven’t left the dev channel in time and now want to switch to the regular Windows 11 version, you can’t avoid a new installation.

Windows insider program setting
Windows insider program setting

If you are currently in the beta channel and have installed build 22000.194 of Windows 11, all you have to do is exit the Insider Program. How to do it:

  • Open the settings .
  • Click Windows Update in the left column, and then click Windows Insider Program .
  • In the “Stop receiving pre-release versions” section, toggle the upper option “Unregister this device when the next version of Windows releases is released”.
  • Restart the PC. Complete.

More options

However, if you want to return to Windows 10, select the second option “Unregister this device immediately”. Warning: Before you start the process, you must back up all of your data, as this option causes a complete reinstallation of Windows 10, which will delete all data.Another option is to switch to the release preview channel. The official Windows 11 version is also available there, but you will receive operating system and app updates a little earlier than “normal” users. You can change the channel under the menu item “Select your insider setting”.

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