We reached at the end of the Universe

The universe is collapsing so fast we might reach at the end of universe. Our universe was formed about 14 billion years ago. It is formed by expanding, cooling and graviting Cosmos in early stage. Different series of important milestones passed that lead today’s world. We are in the inhabitant of newest form of this universe. It has made suitable to survive for living begins.

It is all about Big Bang that caused it until the present day. We all have a question that: what is the ultimate formation of this universe? What will be like when we reach the end of the universe. Different studies and research have found some reasonable possibilities to this question.
In common, we have our planet orbiting the sun as one component of our solar system. But on a wide range of timescale, things get exciting. The sun is burning and heating up. According to different research sun is heating up by 20-25%.

Life cycle of sun
Life cycle of sun

In another one billion years, the sun’s temperature will increase by a great enough amount that earth will heat up so servely that our planet’s oceans will boil. This will effectively end all life of our living planet. We all know, time will bring the end of lives and demise of our planet will likely go unnotified by the cosmos.

We have to consider different things. As the universe ages, rate of star formation is now 3-5% of what it was at its peak about 11 billion years ago. Most of the stars are already formed that will exist in future.

It is true that galaxies will continue expanding. It will create new matter from intergalactic medium and by joining and merging together. All the galaxies of this universe will merge together into a giant galaxy. Milky way galaxy and Andromeda galaxy will merge into Milkdromeda after 5 billion years.

Our galaxy is relatively small on a cosmos scale. This is our home galaxy, so we are aware of it. And thousands of large such galaxy clusters are around us. We are bond by large gravitationally energy. If we study the Big Bang about cosmic origins, we find the expansion of the universe. There come three possible outcomes from Big Bang theory.

Galaxy collision: end of universe
Galaxy collide

a. Re-collapse: If slow expansion and universe reaches maximum size and re-collapse ending in a big crunch.
b. Expansion forever: If expansion rate drops but not to zero, the universe expands forever and ends in in a big freeze.
The Goldilocks’ case: If it is between re-collapse and expand forever then one portion in the universe would lead to re-collapse which isn’t there.

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