Valheim sales superpass more than two million in less than two weeks

Valheim sales superpass more than two million in less than two weeks. It’s very likely that by now you are well acquainted with Valheim: a new video game from Iron Gate AB that has nothing special on the table – survival, crafting, open world, early access; a true classic — but one that has earned the love and acceptance of gamers for its capabilities, its art style, its optimization, and the support of Twitch. What does all this translate? In sales, of course.

If the game registered its first million units sold in just one week, as of February 15 (that is, 13 days from its launch in early access) its managers celebrate two million sales on their social networks. It goes without saying that all this success also goes hand in hand with stratospheric activity figures: our comrade Martín Amechazurra told us just a few hours before the publication of these lines how Valheim has found its way into the most populated games on Steam. Valheim sales is great success for the company of this game.

Valheim sales

“We have beaten a record 700 years old forming the largest Viking community in the history of mankind; for reference, the previous peak of Viking numbers took place in 1300 AD and was approximately half a million” celebrates Iron Gate in a statement shared via Steam. It is clear that it is not the most fair comparison, but of course, it is also a funny anecdote.

We will have details about the future of Valheim soon.

“The entire Iron Gate team appreciates all the love, messages, questions and impressions from each one of you, so please keep sending them” continues the message. “We are excited to continue working with all of you to reach Asgard together, and will share more about what’s coming soon.

As you can see, there are no clues to future content and enhancements coming to the game, but considering how well Valheim is doing, it wouldn’t be surprising if their early access program would fit in with this host. At Technoeager we have already been able to test Valheim, and we can attest that our colleague Alberto Pastor has been enjoying his multiplayer games.

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