Tips and Tricks to Activate Creative Mode and Spawn Items in Valheim

This is the guide on how to activate creative mode and Spawn Items in Valheim. Beyond the game’s own experience of action and mythology, many players (including myself) have found in Valheim a way to unleash their most creative side, being able to find all kinds on Reddit of impossible structures, fortifications, ports, entire towns, and even some of the most impressive crossovers like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, the tower of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings, or the Temple of Time from The Legend of Zelda.

However, collecting enough materials to carry out these feats is not easy or fast at all, having to accumulate not only the materials necessary for the buildings themselves, but in most cases, some scaffolding or structures to be able to reach the more difficult places. But then, if the game has only been going for a few weeks, how have these players accomplished this? Do I have to sacrifice my sleep hours to achieve it? Do not worry.

And it is that the developers of Valheim have shared a list of tricks and commands to enter through the game console to activate creative mode, with which we can generate infinite materials, activate the god mode and the ability to fly, and even a camera mode free to capture and video more easily.

How to access the Valheim console

Opening the command console is very simple, with a default access on the keyboard that will allow us to access it just by pressing the F5 key on our keyboard. However, initially we will only have a couple of commands available. To activate the tricks or cheats, we will have to type the command «imacheater» and press the Enter key, after which we will see a confirmation message.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that the activation of the cheats will not be available in the shared servers of Valheim once the multiplayer function has been activated, thus limiting its use for the solo mode.

Commands and tricks for building in Valheim

Before entering the subject, we will review the necessary commands to be able to unleash our creative talent, with a small list of tricks that will enable us the basic functions to build as freely as possible.

General controls

  • god : enable or disable god mode to not take damage
  • ghost : enable or disable ghost mode, causing enemies to ignore you
  • freefly : enable or disable use of the free camera outside of character
  • ffsmooth 1 – Adds smoother motion for free camera shake
  • ffsmooth 0 : reset the free camera shake settings
  • debugmode : enable or disable creative mode
  • B : enable or disable building requirements, such as resources or workbenches
  • Z : enable or disable the flight functions (the space bar will make us go up, and the Ctrl button will make us go down)
  • K : Eliminate all enemies and creatures in the character’s vision range
  • removedrops : remove all uncollected items from the ground in the character’s vision range
Tricks to Activate Creative Mode and Spawn Items in Valheim

All commands and tricks for Valheim

However, as we said, there is a much more extensive list of available commands, with which we can generate other objects such as weapons and armor, stop or generate world events, and even force the appearance of monsters and bosses. Then we leave you all these commands, organized according to their purpose and use.


  • raiseskill [skill] [amount] : raises the level of a skill by a number of levels equal to the entered value
  • resetskill [skill] : clears the progress of a skill
  • resetcharacter : clears all progress of a character
  • hair : removes hair permanently
  • beard : removes the beard permanently
  • model [0/1] : switch your character’s model between male and female body, respectively


  • exploremap : discover the whole map
  • resetmap : clears all explored progress from the map
  • pos : shows the coordinates about the current location of the player
  • goto [x, z] : teleports the player to the specified coordinates
  • location : sets the location as the spawn point of our character
  • killall – Kill all nearby enemies
  • tame : tame all nearby creatures
  • wind [angle] [intensity] : adjusts the direction and intensity of the wind
  • resetwind : resets the automatic wind values

Events (edit)

  • randomevent : start a random “raid” event
  • stopevent : stop the current nearby event
  • tod [0-1] : set the time of day, both values ​​0 and 1 will force sunrise and sunset, while 0.5 will force noon
  • tod -1 : resets time of day to default
  • skiptime [seconds] : advance an amount of time in the day in the game
  • sleep : advance a full day in the game

To generate elements, we must write the appearance command, followed by the element that we want to generate, the number of units of it, and if possible, the level. For example, if we wanted to generate a complete stack of wood, we would have to write “spawn Wood 50”; whereas if we wanted a maximum level wooden shield, we would have to write “spawn ShieldWood 1 3”.

Of course, warn in advance that although we aim at these round numbers, the game will generate these elements individually, so it is not advisable to aim at too high a number of simultaneous objects.

Also, mention that although we have changed the language of the game, the Valheim commands will continue to be linked exclusively to the English names included in the game, in addition to the differentiation between upper and lower case. Thus, it will be enough for you to copy or transcribe the following commands literally.


  • Bread
  • Blood pudding
  • Blueberries
  • Carrot
  • CarrotSoup
  • Cloudberry
  • CookedLoxMeat
  • CookedMeat
  • FishCooked
  • Honey
  • MeadBaseFrostResist
  • MeadBaseHealthMedium
  • MeadBaseHealthMinor
  • MeadBasePoisonResist
  • MeadBaseStaminaMedium
  • MeadBaseStaminaMinor
  • MeadBaseTasty
  • MeadFrostResist
  • MeadHealthMedium
  • MeadHealthMinor
  • MeadPoisonResist
  • MeadStaminaMedium
  • MeadStamineMinor
  • MeadTasty
  • Mushroom
  • MushroomBlue
  • MushroomYellow
  • NeckTailGrilled
  • Raspberry
  • Queens jam
  • Sausages
  • SerpentMeatCooked
  • SerpentStew
  • Turnip
  • TurnipStew


Tricks to Activate Creative Mode and Spawn Items in Valheim
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