Three Android web browsers where you can install Chrome extensions from the Web Store

The Chrome extensions we may enhance our web browser adding new features with tools created by third parties, for example, we allow travel to the past of a website or easily download videos from social networks, but currently the mobile version of Chrome not supports extensions.Luckily we do find some Android browsers compatible with Chrome extensions in the Google Play Store, which allow us to access the Chrome Web Store to download their extensions, a large part of them being compatible with mobile phones. Next we will see the three best browsers that support the Chrome Web Store.

Kiwi Browser

We started this small selection with Kiwi Browser, the first web browser to add support for Chrome extensions. Based on Chromium, it allows us to access the Chrome Web Store website to see if our favorite extensions are compatible with our mobile. Installed extensions appear in the browser menu.

Flow Browser

The second alternative is Flow Browser, another Chromium-based browser that offers us practically the same interface as Chrome for Android, with small changes such as direct access to Extensions. There we find its extensions manager and direct access to the Chrome Web Store to install more extensions. By default there are some extensions that we will have to uninstall in order to log into our Google account.

Yandex Browser (beta)

Finally, the beta version of Yandex Browser that is translated in various languages, is another good alternative to install Chrome extensions. As in the other two browsers, we have to install the extensions from the Chrome Web Store, and then we can use them from Menu> Extensions.

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