This tricks will help your reels go Viral on instagram

Instagram Reels

Instagram is improving the Reels editor with new features that make it easier to create and publish Reels.

And on the other hand, it has a new section that will allow you to know the latest trends and find out which hashtags have become popular in the Reels, and thus use them in your own content.

How to know which hashtags and songs are trending in Instagram Reels

Maybe you already have experience creating Reels on Instagram, but you lack inspiration or you can’t find topics that will ensure that your content becomes popular.

Instagram wants to help you with this topic with a new section that will show what are the most popular topics, hashtags and songs used in the Reels.

That way, you’ll know if there are any events or news that are gaining popularity on Instagram, or if there are any songs that seem to work for Reels. So instead of doing your research manually, you can use this Instagram space to find out all these trends.

New editor for Instagram Reels

On the other hand, Instagram is making it much easier to edit Reels. Now all the tools you need for editing will be on the same screen, so you won’t have to fuss going from side to side if you want to add text, stickers, clips, etc.

And of course, it will help you to coordinate all the elements in the editor and create the Reels just as you have planned. This new editor will be available in the Instagram app, both on iOS and Android.

New metrics to measure the reach of your Reels

Another detail that Instagram has taken into account for this update has to do with the performance of the Reels. In order for you to understand the reach your Reels are getting, Instagram will show you two new metrics, which are average watch time and total watch time:

This will help you better understand where people are interacting or where you may need to create a stronger hook to keep viewers staying longer.

And as a bonus, to see the response you’re getting with this format, Instagram will notify you when you have new followers from your Reels. On the other hand, new forms of monetization are being added based on the gifts that users can leave to their favorite creators.

However, keep in mind that these features will only be available in a few countries.

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