This program allows you to forget Windows and Office patches

The software giant Microsoft has under its belt some of the most widely used solutions in the world. Among these we can highlight the Windows operating system or the Office osuite, among others. In addition, as with most current programs, here the patches and updates sent are an essential part of these titles.

It goes without saying that these additional elements that eventually make their way to our installed applications are highly valued by most. In fact, Microsoft itself urges hundreds of millions of users to install the updates it sends to its platforms and products as soon as possible. But as many of you have surely already been able to verify, these have an expiration date.

The importance of Windows patches

With this is what we want to tell you is that many of the products of this company end up expired and replaced by more modern versions. This is something that we have already seen with many previous versions of Office or the Windows system . At that moment Microsoft itself withdraws official support for these products. Therefore, from that moment on, they will stop receiving the aforementioned patches and updates. In this way, they will be exposed to possible vulnerabilities and will no longer receive the latest functions developed by the firm.

And the same happens if we choose not to install these updates and patches in Windows or any other Microsoft program that has support. Especially in the operating system many have made this determination due to the constant problems that occur related to these updates. To save them, many users around the world prefer not to update the system. However, we have an interesting alternative proposal that will allow us to forget about these official Microsoft patches for Windows and Office.

Take advantage of 0Patch

We tell you all this because in case you want to do without and forget the official Microsoft patches and updates, there is a program that will help you. In particular we refer to the console that we can install in Windows from 0Patch. This is a software element that you can download from its official website and that you can configure to patch the operating system and other programs from the Redmond firm.

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