This is Tower of Fantasy, the free game that aims to blow everything up from China

Throughout 2020 there have been great surprises whose popularity has exploded (deservedly) almost overnight, and everything indicates that this trend will continue in the future: Tower of Fantasy is already postulated as the next free- obsession. to-play for gamers on PC and mobile devices. Big words.

Which, by the way, has a special merit, since the official launch of this colorful ARPG is scheduled for 2021 . Being the trigger for the noise that its recently released beta for Android and iOS systems is generating.

In fact, Hotta Studio’s debut feature is reaping positive impressions in China and its anime and fantasy proposal that takes place in an open world is beginning to spread like wildfire among players in the West.

The motives? Well, just look at the Tower of Fantasy presentation trailer, shown last summer, to begin to understand the interest generated.

Although the similarities and comparisons with Genshin Impact or Blue Protocol are unavoidable, both aesthetically and in relation to its setting proposal and the general tone of its adventure, the truth is that Tower of Fantasy seeks to differentiate itself in key aspects within playable. Something that will be essential to your success.

Where does Tower of Fantasy come from?

Starting from some point, Tower of Fantasy was officially announced during the ChinaJoy 2020 event , held last June – more or less at the time E3 would have been held – by Perfect World , being the first project of Hotta Studio.

Tower of Fantasy
tower of fantasy game

Now, despite being a new initiative by the studio, in the playable we will feel practically at home: Tower of Fantasy combines elements of exploration and adventure with intense and electric combat in real time in which we will use magic and knives.

Both on PC and mobile we will control a hero with a very generous level of customization and details. Not only can we define the details of their appearance, their expressions or their wardrobe, but we can even customize each eye separately. Which is not bad at all.

Tower of Fantasy retains its own anime visual style at all times. Being the Unreal 4 engine one of the keys to understanding its especially attractive appearance both in game and through the dialogues and cutscenes. And, at the same time, ensuring a good finish and performance on mobile phones.

Ahead we will have an open world that we will approach through ARPG mechanics , with scenes of action, adventure and exploration that will seek that the player roam with enormous freedom, but also cinematics full of action in which we can also participate through Quick Time Events and careful animations made through a motion capture process.

In one way or another, Tower of Fantasy wants to bring together the best of many genres in one experience. A really delicate balance but that, seen what has been seen, already points out ways.

What can we expect Tower of Fantasy

From Hotta Studio they claim to be putting all the meat on the grill, supporting their technical section with ambitious designs and a futuristic character with strong fantasy overtones.

Regarding its gameplay, Tower of Fantasy strengthens its gaming experience through fluid ARPG mechanics that are complemented by scenarios in which we will have to solve puzzles and the promise of a complex story around salvation and destruction.

That said, there are very interesting aspects in Tower of Fantasy that deserve to be taken into account:

To start with, the way in which we will enter the open world will be an attraction in itself: beyond the usual exploration options, with swimming and climbing, we will be offered the possibility of using an interesting variety of vehicles ranging from sliders to bikes, including jet-packs.

For its part, the real-time combat system is spectacular both at short and long distances. The attacks and movements are agile, vibrant and full of effects. Integrating in a very natural way what we can call a magic execution system that does not break the rhythm of the game.

On the other hand, in terms of its multiplayer options, there are still several details to be specified for the final version. Its creators want to bet on offering an online experience that represents a leap in quality compared to alternatives. In his words, an evolution of the traditional MMORPGSs developed in China.

With all of the above, the question arises: When will Tower of Fantasy be available ?

Release date, systems and availability

Although there are many aspects to be polished for the final game, the biggest doubt about it is its availability: Hotta Studio anticipates that Tower of Fantasy will reach PCs and Android and iOS mobile devices throughout 2021 without a specific date.

For its part, and as we mentioned, registrations to participate in its mobile beta ( in Chinese ) are already open from the TapTap portal.

The bad news is that, at least for now, its launch is only confirmed in Chinese territory, although the growing popularity of the game added to the good commercial reception of titles such as Genshin Impact make us optimistic for its arrival in the West.

Above all, when the first comparisons between the two proposals have already begun to emerge. Will it be the next sensation in terms of online games? For now, Tower of Fantasy looks great. Of course, its international launch will decide its true success.

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