This is TikTok star cat walking around the world cities

TikTok viral cat

TikTok has become in a short time one of the most popular social networks of the current technological paradigm. And it is that it has managed to adapt in a personalized way to the tastes of each user to show them what interests them most among all the content that is uploaded to the platform. One type of content that can be found is direct in which a creator shows his day to day or maintains a conversation with his community.

But sometimes these live streams on TiKkTok have a very curious theme. For example, one of the most famous is based solely on showing the Shibuya crossing in Japan, which stands out for its many crosswalks and the volume of people who pass through it daily. But this content does not remain here, since in recent days a cat that wears a camera on its collar and broadcasts where it moves has been going viral.

A cat manages to group thousands of people with its walks

Although a priori it may seem that a cat is not going to be able to retain an audience by not interacting directly with them through the camera, the truth is that this one is making history. There are many curious people who spend many hours watching the cat move through a city while it rolls on the ground, lies down or simply walks over the walls.

There are several accounts (such as lovelycatsdogs0417 ) that make this type of broadcast, without there being an exclusivity. And the content always focuses on seeing all the places where this cat passes through the camera that he has on his neck and that he has sometimes wanted to remove. The comments that can be seen on the stream are in different languages, and the number of viewers is almost always quite high.

On Twitter there are also several messages that can be seen where different users recommend watching this live almost daily. And it is that sometimes the only thing that is sought is to have the maximum possible tranquility,  and this is achieved by watching a live show that does not have anyone commenting constantly.

In this way, it is verified again that something that TikTok did very well is to host content of all kinds, whether beautiful or ugly. Priority has not been given to having a contact list as is the case on Instagram to be able to interact with them, but rather that everyone sees completely random content and always based on their personal tastes.

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