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This is how Google improves the linking of IoT devices with Google Home

Google home is used to connect to different IoT devices to make our work easier. Although linking an IoT device with Google Home is not a very complicated task, the truth is that the process could be more intuitive. Currently a good number of steps have to be completed, something that is not a major problem if all the devices are from the same manufacturer, but it can be if the products are from different brands. Well, this process is close to changing thanks to the new functions of Google Home.

The company has announced on its official blog two new functions for Google Home that aim to make pairing a device easier. These two functions are App Discovery and Deep Linking , although now we will have to wait for manufacturers to implement them in their apps to see them in operation.

Linking Google Home to an IoT device will be easier

Google Home is the cornerstone of the ecosystem connected to Google. Through this app, available on iOS and Android, it is possible to control all devices and add new ones. To do this, go to “Add devices”, then “Configure device”, then “Works with Google”, search for the brand in question, link accounts and link the devices. It is not complicated, but it is a bit slow.

With App Discovery, Google Home will be able to detect the applications of the manufacturers that we have installed on the mobile (for example, Xiaomi Home or Yeelight) to suggest the link. That way we will not have to do the whole process mentioned above, but we will simply have to press a button that will appear on the main screen of Home.

Deep Linking, meanwhile, is a function that allows application developers to add a kind of “shortcut” to linking with Google Assistant. Thus, once we have configured the devices in the main app (the manufacturer’s), we can proceed to the link with Google Home without having to open the app and complete the entire previous process.

Google ensures that to implement App Discovery it is not necessary to touch the code of the applications, but can be easily added using the actions console. Deep Linking, on the other hand, does require adding a couple of lines to the app’s code, but it is a fairly light implementation. Now we just have to wait for manufacturers to update their apps.

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