This detail from Horizon Forbidden West reminds us of one of the Death Stranding mechanics

That the creators of Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games, have a special chemistry with Kojima Productions, studio of creative veteran Hideo Kojima, and parent of Death Stranding, is hardly news. From Guerrilla they have already talked about their rapport with the studio in the past, and in Aloy’s new adventure the studio has gone further, improving one of its playable mechanics with a system that seems to be inspired by what was seen in Death Stranding.

From Wccftech they have pointed out how the use of Aloy’s Focus has changed significantly with respect to its formula in Horizon Zero Dawn, and has done so by adopting mechanics that remind us of the views with Sam Porter Bridges’ BB in Death Stranding. Our particular device helped Sam pinpoint the terrain around him, color-coded to show accessibility.

The paths free of obstacles were marked in blue, while those that could cause us some complication were colored in yellow. Red spaces indicated impassable and dangerous terrain for our cargo. It’s great to see how the update to how we use our Focus in Horizon Forbidden West has evolved into similar mechanics to those seen in Death Stranding.

The Focus provides terrain information for freer climbing

The new version of the Focus gives us more freedom when climbing with Aloy, allowing us to explore the access routes taking advantage of the different holds, beyond those that are painted yellow. The constant scanning to receive the snapshot of the terrain we want to move through that we saw in Death Stranding, applied to Aloy’s climbing, has served to achieve a more organic and satisfying mechanic. On Hideo Kojima’s part, there has always been great satisfaction with the use of the Decima graphics engine, licensed from Guerrilla Games.

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