The most reliable websites and apps for weather forecasting

weather forecast

It will rain? Its going to be hot? Will I have to wear a jacket? Discover the best websites and apps to know the weather forecast.

In the middle of the year 2022, in the age of the metaverse, cryptocurrencies and private space travel, we can say that we have mastered the weather. Or at least, the way to protect ourselves from it.

If it’s cold, we bundle up and turn on the heating. If it’s hot, the air conditioning. If it rains, the umbrella. We travel in vehicles that protect us from all the elements, and most people work indoors. So why this obsession with knowing what the weather will be like tomorrow?

It is true that for people who work outdoors, farmers and other jobs, it is important to know the weather tomorrow. But most of us don’t care too much.

Perhaps it is an ancestral echo of times past, when we did depend on the whims of heaven. Or the feeling of dominating Nature that comes from knowing that tomorrow it will rain, even though there isn’t a cloud in the sky today.

In any case, the reasons are irrelevant. You are here to know the best websites and apps to find out what the weather will be like tomorrow, and we will provide them to you immediately.

Many people still check the weather from their laptop, or don’t want to install an app just for that. The fastest way to access the weather forecast is through any browser. These are the best weather websites. offers the weather forecast for the next 14 days for different parts of the world. It is capable of hourly forecasting, and also includes sunrise and sunset, lunar calendar, and other data.

It incorporates weather maps of rain, snow, temperature and wind, numerical prediction models and weather alerts for the entire country. It also provides the latest satellite and rain radar images.

Finally we have news, a magazine, and a forum.


It has the hourly weather forecast, and includes data such as temperature, wind, precipitation, humidity, clouds, pressure, dew point, and much more.

It also has Meteosat satellite images updated in real time and with animations. Includes infrared vision, water vapor, visible image, and much more.

With an alerts section, and even live cameras from the International Space Station.



The State Meteorological Agency has its own website with weather forecasts. It shows a general prediction, and then a local one, with a search engine by municipality.

The data included is very complete: state of the sky, temperatures, thermal sensation, humidity, winds, precipitations, etc.

It also boasts a complete section of alerts, news, and video predictions. One of the best websites to check the weather.

Access Aemet


If what you are looking for is a global weather forecast, one of the most used pages is AccuWeather.

It has a Google Maps-type weather radar that covers the entire world, and where you can move freely. By “zooming in” you can access local forecasts for rain, snow, and ice.

It is also possible to search by location, and access data on hurricanes and extreme weather.

Access AccuWeather


Meteox is basically a real-time precipitation radar. Using real-time updated satellite data every 15 minutes, it shows you how the clouds are moving on the screen.

There are also weather forecasts every 15 minutes, and long-range forecasts. A good website if what interests you is to know if it is going to rain in the next few minutes.

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We like Meteoblue because it offers the weather forecast in a very visual and easy to see way.

At a simple glance we get the maximum and minimum temperature, and if it is going to rain. A more detailed study shows us the wind, and the amount of rainfall. There is also data that other websites do not usually include, such as the hours of sunshine. The forecast is given in hourly intervals. We also like the Meteogram that mixes data such as temperatures, clouds and wind speed into a single map.

Access MeteoBlue

Best weather forcasting apps for iOS and Android

If you are one of those who usually check the weather forecast every day, while you have breakfast or when you are going to leave home or work, the most practical thing is to install an app.

Some of the websites mentioned above also have their own app. In order not to repeat ourselves, here we include different ones.

rain alarm

As its name suggests, this app specializes in recording the rain forecast in real time. It shows cloud movement almost instantly, and a color guide lets you know the intensity of precipitation.

Very useful for all outdoor activities, such as cycling, motorcycling, hiking, gardening, barbecues, picnics, walking the dog, home repairs and much more.

You can receive notifications, and even vibrations and alarms on your mobile, when it is about to rain in your location.

Download Rain alarm on Google Play

Weather on iOS and Android

You do not need to install anything to check the weather on your mobile. Both Android itself and the system layer of many manufacturers have an integrated weather app.

In the case of Android, there is a widget that allows you to check the weather from the home screen, or the main cover of the mobile. Touching on the widget you access the current forecast. It also includes a temperature and rain forecast for the next 5 days.

iOS also has its own app, based on The Weather Channel. With its own widget and support for multiple cities.


One of the most complete weather forecast applications for mobile. Collect detailed weather conditions for a month in the future. With a real-time weather radar. Other very useful tools that it incorporates are the widget, and the integration in the clock.

Download Weather -Weather

Weather forecast

We like this app because at a single glance you have all the important data on the screen : current, minimum and maximum temperature, rain, sunrise and sunset, wind, etc.

The forecasts are in real time, and with a view to 3 or 7 days. There is no shortage of weather maps, radar animations, graphics, and other information. A really complete app that is worth trying.

Download Weather Forecast

Weather & Radar

Another of the most downloaded weather forecast apps, both on iOS and Android.

The Weather & Radar application offers you a 90-minute, hourly, daily, weekly and 14-day weather forecast anywhere in the world.

Always have at your fingertips updated data on temperature, rain, snow, wind, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity and probability of precipitation, as well as sunrise and sunset times.

The radar shows where the rain, hail or snow falls in real time. If there is a storm, risk of ice or a strong storm, you will receive an alert from Weather & Radar on your mobile device in the form of an automatic notification.

This app also measures the current pollen levels and the forecast for the next few days for different cities. You can also see the levels of air quality.

Download Weather & Radar on Android

Download Weather & Radar on iOS

live weather

This application is one of the most visually attractive. With customizable backgrounds so you can adjust it to your tastes.

Forecasts extend to the next 7 days. These are the main data it shows:

  • Current temperature and wind chill
  • ray tracer
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Information on atmospheric pressure and precipitation
  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • Weather radar and rain maps

It has a widget to integrate the weather on the mobile screen.

Access Live Weather

We have seen the best websites and mobile apps to predict the weather. No downpour will ever catch you off guard again!

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