The hidden details of The Last of Us 2: teeth that snap when hitting enemies, fingerprints and more

There are hidden elements in The Last of Us 2 game that we get difficult to spot within the game. We have already seen how far the sick details of Naughty Dog are capable of going in their latest productions (how to forget the Uncharted odometer ), but we must admit that with The Last of Us 2 they have been crowned.

From the Speclizer channel they have been fiddling with the game’s camera to peer into those hidden trophies that we cannot see with the naked eye and that require a little more attention. A look at the spectacular – and often unnecessary – hidden elements the game offers to maximize its realism.

Spoilers notice on The Last of Us 2

Of course, you can assume that what you will find in the three videos below is a mine full of spoilers that you should not look at if you have not completed the game yet.

The video you have below is the last in the series, but not the most interesting of all. Go to the next two to see details such as those mentioned with the teeth of the enemies jumping through the air, Ellie’s fingerprints when playing the guitar or what happens to certain characters when the camera does not show them explicitly.

The Last of Us 2 hidden details
The Last of Us 2

Now, if you are not afraid of spoilers, enjoy this generous collection of moments from other angles and the spectacular hidden details that are hidden in the game.

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