That PlayStation does not go to E3 “is a great strategic error” for analyst Michael Pachter

Since at the end of 2018 it was announced that PlayStation would not be at E3 2019, much has been said about this decision that has been firm until today, with no signs that make us think that Sony will once again be part of the one that to date it had been the most important video game fair in the world. A decision that for the well-known analyst Miuchale Pachter is “a great strategic error” on the part of the Japanese company.

“Havingan event and focusing the attention of all the fans is something very, very powerful Michael Pachter

Sony playstation
Sony playstation

I think Sony is going in the wrong direction, “said the analyst at SIFTD Games.” I think they are making a big strategic mistake by leaving E3. I think it’s a mistake and I hope they realize it, and come back next year, “Pachter adds. He continues, apparently,” Someone convinced them that they would save $ 20 million if they made it past E3, and this year they may that it was a prudent decision. “Despite this, he insists,” I think it was a bad move. A really silly silly strategy.

For Pachter it is essential to understand the importance of a great event like E3. “You can’t get the whole video game press together for $ 20 million. Having an event and getting all the fans’ attention is very, very powerful, and I think whoever is advising the board to skip the E3 is a smart move to cut costs. You are just wrong. They are being dumb.

PlayStation is and will continue to be the big loser for not going to E3 Michael Pachter

For that reason, he concludes, he considers that Sony “is and will continue to be the big loser for not going to E3, and I think they should realize that it is an opportunity to show their games (and they are very good at it) and their hardware ( which is very good) to the whole world when everyone is watching. I hope they are back in 2022. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, “concludes this well-known analyst.

This edition of E3 2021 has not been without controversy, with great announcements but also abundant disappointments among video game fans. Here in technoeager we discuss about E3 2021 events that you need to know.

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