Spotify podcast subscription will be free and will not keep any percentage

This week we had an Apple event and one of the novelties is the podcast subscription service. The idea is to offer creators the ability to monetize their listeners, who can set whatever price they want. Of course, Apple will make a cut, since it will keep 30% of paid subscriptions during the first year, a percentage that will be reduced to 15% from the following year.

After this announcement, Spotify, which has been betting heavily on podcasts for some time, seems not to want to be left behind. And it is that according to the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter (who remain anonymous), Spotify is going to announce its own subscription service next week and, unlike Apple’s model, it will not be left with anything. Unlike many podcast services charges amount from creators.

Podcast Subscription also on Spotify

As the WSJ anticipates, Spotify’s plan is to offer a subscription program to creators starting next week. According to the American newspaper, Spotify will allow creators to set the price they consider and will not keep any percentage. Thus, and in principle, if a podcast is four dollars a month, the four dollars should go to the creator.

Spotify podcast subscription

Another striking point that the WSJ details is that, in the case of iOS, Spotify will redirect the users of the app to a website from which they can proceed with the subscription. With this, Spotify seeks to prevent Apple from keeping 30% of the subscription, which is what would happen if it were processed through Apple’s payment gateway.

For now, we have to wait for Spotify to fully reveal its plans, if they finally materialize. We cannot forget that this is a WSJ preview that has not been confirmed by Spotify. In addition, it will be necessary to know all the details regarding the analytics that Spotify will provide to podcast creators and what the process will be to upload the content to the platform.

In the case of Apple Podcasts, podcasters have to pay $ 19.99 per year to enter the program and cannot upload exclusive podcasts via RSS, but must do so through Apple’s own platform. As noted in The Verge, Spotify has never accepted RSS, so surely the process is similar. In any case, we will have to be patient and wait for Spotify to make a move.

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