Sony AI will be used in video games to learn and be smarter

Sony AI is the new system used in video games to detect behavior of players. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in video games. On many occasions, it is the one in charge of the enemies surrounding us and trying to kill us in more cunning ways and the one that tells our partner to shoot to give us cover. But it’s not perfect and can sometimes do weird things. Sony, however, is already working on a solution from Sony AI and PlayStation.

This is what the Japanese company affirms in a recently published strategic presentation. According to the firm, “[Sony AI] has started a collaboration with PlayStation that will make gaming experiences even richer and more enjoyable.” This collaboration consists of taking advantage of reinforcement learning to develop AI agents that can be opponents or collaborators of the player.

Do you kill me like that? Now you’ll see…

The idea of ​​using reinforcement learning has crumbs. Basically, it consists of applying trial and error processes to evaluate new action strategies. In the case of video games, we can think of an enemy that the first time we face him he shoots us head-on and without covering himself. We kill him, but the AI ​​learns, after many deaths, that this strategy is not optimal.

The system learns from its mistakes and takes action on the matter, so that the next time we face an enemy, it knows that it should not shoot us head-on and without covering, but rather seek cover, surround us, and kill us on the flank. The same applies to our helpers, who can learn to be more useful depending on the context (giving us cover, healing us or giving us ammunition, for example).

This is nothing new. DeepMind popularized deep learning when it introduced the world to AlphaGo, which was trained with thousands of games of Go and managed to beat a human. Years later, AlphaGo Zero managed to beat its predecessor 100 times in a row by only having trained for three days. Who did you train with? With herself  She competed against herself to find her weaknesses and learn.

Sony AI, spacecraft 2
StarCraft 2

On the other hand, this Sony decision marries the patent discovered a few months ago. This patent showed an AI system that adapted the difficulty of the final bosses according to our performance. It’s a clever way to make the game more adaptable to the gamer and, according to Sony, to make “even richer and more enjoyable gaming experiences.”

When the Japanese company presented its Sony AI division, it said it would launch “three flagship projects in the areas of games, imaging and detection, and gastronomy.” He also assured that “this research will be carried out in close collaboration with the relevant business units of the Sony Group“, so perhaps this reinforcement learning system is the materialization of said research. A matter of waiting.

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