Salesforce ended 9 to 5 workday for its employees

“The 9 to 5 workday is dead. The employee experience is much more than ping-pong tables and food. “Salesforce has announced its new employment policy with a phrase as forceful and lapidary as it is significant. According to Salesforce, “it doesn’t make sense to expect employees to work an eight-hour shift and do their jobs successfully” and he believes that workers need flexibility to do their jobs well.

For this reason, Salesforce is going to undertake a profound change in its labor policy and is going to allow all its workers total flexibility, both in how they work and where and when.

Three options to minimize 9 to 5 workday

Thus, the company is going to let employees choose between three work options: flexible, completely remote and office to minimize 9 to 5 workday.

In the first, workers may (when sanitary conditions guarantee safety) go to the offices between 1 and 3 days a week. Presentations, collaboration with the team or meetings with clients can be some of the reasons to go physically to these workplaces.

It should be noted that Dropbox announced months ago that its employees could only go to their offices when that physical presence was necessary, while for the rest of the activities they would have to work remotely.

Those employees who live far from offices or whose positions do not require a physical presence will be able to work completely remotely. In this sense, and given the rise of teleworking policies, many municipalities are trying to attract these qualified workers to their cities. On the contrary, there is a small section of your employees who will have to go to the office between 4 and 5 days each week.

Flexibility to be more productive

Salesforce 9 to 5 workday employee

Salesforce ensures that flexibility will be key in the future of the company with its employees . What’s more, he sees it as his “responsibility” to allow workers to perform their role “during the hours that work best for them and their teams, and to provide flexible options to help them be even more productive.”

In addition, he is confident that this will allow him to attract new employees. People who may not live near your offices. The company says it does not want to be limited by location and believes that this new employment policy will allow it to attract “untapped talent from new communities and geographies.”

Why this change

Salesforce assures that this change in its labor policy is a consequence of this pandemic year and of having asked its employees about their needs during all these months. “Last year brought a rapid and remarkable transformation that has changed us forever,” he says.

Not surprisingly, half of the employees want to be able to go to the offices from time to time, since almost eight in ten want to maintain a connection with a physical space, since they consider that this fosters connection, camaraderie and innovation between teams when they meet in person. So Salesforce is also announcing a plan to redesign its offices to better accommodate this hybrid work environment.

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