Online PS4 and PS5 multiplayer games will be free this weekend

One of the “drawbacks” that the online mode of video games has on PlayStation and Xbox is that if we want to access it we must pay a subscription. In the case of PlayStation, that subscription is called PlayStation Plus, but this weekend it will not be necessary : we will be able to play any multiplayer games for free.

Indeed, Sony has confirmed that from May 22 to 23, that is, from Saturday to Sunday, we will be able to play multiplayer of any title for free. That is, if you have ‘ GTA V ‘ or ‘ FIFA 21 ‘ and you want to play with / against other players, you can do it without problem.

Free multiplayer for everyone

What this free multiplayer games promotion allows us is to access the online mode of any game, and it is that on PlayStation it works in two ways. Games that are not free, such as ‘FIFA 21’ or ‘GTA V’, and that have online features require a subscription to access the multiplayer game modes.

PlayStation 5, free multiplayer games online
PlayStation 1994

Then there are the free to play games, like ‘Fortnite’, ‘Apex Legends’ and ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’. These games are not only free to download, they can be played online for free. That’s why if you don’t have PlayStation Plus you can play some games in ‘Fortnite’, but not a game in ‘FIFA’. For practical purposes, during this weekend this distinction will not exist.

The promotion is activated on Saturday, May 22 at 00:01 and ends on Sunday, May 23 at 23:59. From that moment on, everything will go back to being the same and, therefore, you will have to go through the checkout to continue playing online games that require it. Remember that the price of PS Plus is 8.99 dollars per month, 24.99 dollars for three months and 59.99 dollars for 12 months.

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