Project Belfry, a new Xbox exclusive game from Stoic Studio

The other day we were talking about a Mainframe Industries game called PaxDei and it seems that the Xbox Game Publishing team is not stopping. Now comes the rumor from Jeff Corden of Windows Central about a new game called Project Belfry, a game from the creators of The Banner Saga.

Project Belfry, a new game from the creators of The Banner Saga

For those of you not familiar with it, The Banner Saga is a trilogy of cult tactical RPGs with magnificent animated art. This one was launched at the beginning on Xbox One and PC and convinced a lot of people. The developer behind those games, Stoic Studios , is building an exclusive game under Xbox Global Publishing.

Today, Jeff Grubb has cleared things up a bit more at GrubbSnax and indicates what they are working on for future Xbox exclusives. The codename ‘Belfry’ has been talked about for a couple of weeks. This one had been discovered on Jez Corden’s Xbox Two podcast and not much else was known about the game.

Stoic was also known to be building a game with Xbox, but it was Jeff Grubb who put the pieces together by making everything fit together. Grubb has also given key details about the game and what to expect.

Project Belfry will wear an artistic style similar to what we have already seen in The Banner Saga, which you can see in the video. The combat will be side-scrolling based, very similar in style to the PlayStation exclusive ‘Dragon’s Crown’ from Atlus. Grubb has indicated that the style will be similar to the anime film Princess Mononoke.

The ‘Bell Tower’ , hinted at by the game’s codename, also forms a kind of base for crafting and updates.Belfry is another title that joins what appears to be a vast expansion of Xbox Global Publishing’s footprint, working with developers large and small to bring more titles to Xbox Game Pass. We’ve seen bigger studios get on board, with Avalanche on Contraband, and we have strong buzz about Project Dragon, built in association with Hitman’s IO Interactive.

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