‘Pascal’s Wager’: The first game with mouse and keyboard support on the iPad

iPadOS came with the surprise of being able to use the mouse to control the system, but it wasn’t until September last year that Apple announced that iPadOS 14 would support external controllers for gaming. Now this promise is finally being fulfilled and we have the first mouse and keyboard compatible game on the iPad. It is about ‘Pascal’s Wager’, better known as the ‘Dark Souls’ of the iPad.

In the new version 1.6.2 , ‘Pascal’s Wager’ has been updated with a new content and a challenge mode, but the most interesting is the addition of keyboard and mouse support from iPadOS 14 and later. We are facing the first game to incorporate this new iPad OS function and some users show us the result on video. In practice, one of the last differences with playing on the PC has been eliminated.

A very close experience to playing Pascal’s Wager on PC

Pascal's Wager; on iPad with mouse and keyboard

‘Pascal’s Wager’ is an RPG developed by FromSoftware. Visually it looks a lot like ‘Dark Souls‘, with a dark fantasy medieval aesthetic, with warriors, monsters and wizards. The game was introduced in early 2020, but now it has been updated with mouse and keyboard support, following the advantages of iPadOS 14 . The title works from iOS 9 or higher, but if we want to use it with a keyboard or mouse we will need this version.

It is no coincidence that ‘Pascal’s Wager’ was the first. The game itself was chosen by Apple in its 2019 Keynote to demonstrate the power of the Apple A13 Bionic. The title boasts impressive graphics and is one of those iPad titles that benefits from the CPU and GPU performance of Apple chipsets. Considering that Macs with the Apple M1 processor can run iPad games, this mouse and keyboard support is an obvious move for all iPad game developers.

A Reddit user offers us a small video where it is observed that the control is very natural, which would be expected. User is playing ‘Pascal’s Wager’ with a ‘Magic keyboard’ and USB connected mouse. And from what can be seen, there are no major differences with a laptop.

To date, the great difference between tablets and convertibles was precisely the control, prioritizing touch gestures in the former. Now this difference is increasingly blurred. Other iPad games such as ‘Soul Knight’, ‘XCOM 2’ or ‘Civilization VI’ already offered keyboard support , being able to make quick shortcuts. But ‘Pascal’s Wager’ is the first to add mouse support, alongside the keyboard.

The game is available for iOS and iPad for $6.75. Beyond the great virtues of the title, being able to be used together with a mouse and keyboard opens the doors to a much richer gaming experience. Computers and laptops are expected to continue to be more powerful due to space and size, but the iPad’s arguments for gaming are becoming more and more powerful.

Via | Reddit

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