Now you can send video stickers in Telegram latest update

Telegram video stickers

Telegram has been updated with news in different aspects and the arrival of video stickers in conversations.

Telegram is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp, and one of its greatest virtues is that the app is regularly updated to offer new features and improvements that make the application have more added value and be more useful, intuitive, and interesting for users. Now, the Pavel Durov app has been updated by integrating some new features for chats, such as video stickers or new reactions to messages to send to your friends and acquaintances.

News in Telegram 8.4

The messaging application has been updated to version 8.4 with several interesting new features such as the conversion of videos into video stickers, although there is also the possibility of creating them using specialized programs following the rules that the company has established on its website. This new type of stickers will play when you see them in the conversation.

telegram video stickers

With this update also come the new interactive stickers, which are synchronized with the user you send them to, so if you click on them in the conversation, the person you’re talking to will also see them at the same time as you..

To activate the new extended reactions and see the extra animation you just have to press and hold on the reaction you want to send when it appears to select it. You will also see a preview of it before it is sent, as explained by the company.

In addition to all this, the company has spent several weeks working on correcting some of the known bugs that have been in the application recently, improving the quality of calls and incorporating a new option that would allow sending silent messages.

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