Norton Crypto: Mine your cryptocurrencies using Norton’s Antivirus

Mining cryptocurrencies is not an easy task, it has many drawbacks, mainly the energy consumption to do it and the need to disable protections, leaving the computer more exposed to threats such as ransomware.

The profits obtained with this activity are stored inside the computer’s hard drive, so the health of the machine is essential for the income to be effective and there is no hacking.

With that in mind, Norton, famous for its IT security solutions, presented Norton Crypto, a solution that allows cryptocurrency mining to be simple, saving the result in the cloud safely. The conditions are simple, you just have to have Norton 360 installed.

Vincent Pilette, CEO of the company, commented that Norton Crypto is a response to an increasingly common need, to mine without fear, although the other half of the world is more concerned with the effect on the environment than with the profit that is made. you can get mining.

We will see Norton Crypto integrated into the Norton 360 security suite in a few weeks. Once we run it, and every time a currency is “mined”, it can be immediately sent to the Norton Crypto Wallet, a protected digital wallet in the cloud. That way, if there is a hack or virus on the mining computer, the coins obtained will continue to be safe.

Norton believes that many people will use that PC downtime to earn digital money, even if they don’t know exactly what they are doing. They will only have to leave the computer on, performing calculations to create cryptocurrencies, although we already know that in many cases what is generated is not enough to pay for the energy used for the activity.

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norton crypto

At the moment they will only allow Ethereum but later they will allow mining other cryptocurrencies.

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