Nintendo switch now comes with 4K resolution

Nintendo switch now comes with 4K resolution. 2020 is the year of Xbox Series X and PS5 in the world of video consoles, 2021 aims to be the year of Nintendo Switch. New rumors claim that the Japanese brand will renew its star console with better graphics and a lot of new games for the catalog.

It was the Economic Daily News who first echoed this possibility and now it is Bloomberg who reaffirms it according to its sources. According to them, Nintendo is preparing a hardware update for its console that was first released in 2017 . An update with which to improve especially its graphics and video game catalog .

Nintendo switch: More graphics, more catalog

Although the final specifications that this new version would have are not yet known, it is expected that 4K resolution will be introduced in the new Nintendo Switch. Likewise, a more powerful processor that can move that resolution. The truth is that this rumor has been present since 2018 practically. We’ll see if 2021 is finally the year for the Nintendo Switch renewal cycle.

The other interesting part of the rumor has not so much to do with the hardware as with the software . According to Bloomberg sources, the launch will be bolstered with a number of new games . The games that would be added to the catalog would be both from Nintendo itself and from other Nintendo partner developers for its console.

Everything indicates that these news will arrive during 2021 , although there is no specific date. If so, it will be four years since the original launch of the Nintendo Switch. During this time, Nintendo has also released the Nintendo Switch Lite with lower specifications. On the other hand, we saw a minor update to the Nintendo Switch to improve its autonomy.

Nintendo Switch 4K resolution
Nintendo Switch

A new Nintendo Switch with 4K resolution and more power does not mean direct competition for Xbox Series X and PS5. At least not in terms of specs. However, it can be an interesting alternative for those who have a different approach to video games, as the original Nintendo Switch has already shown in recent years. Different improvements have been made in 2020.

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