Nintendo knocked down 1,300 copyright YouTube videos with BSOs of its games

Although it has been a time of back and forth with them, the youtuber GilvaSunner, with around half a million subscribers, has announced on Twitter that Nintendo has led to the blocking of 1,300 videos with video game soundtracks at the stroke of a copyright claim. GilvaSunner has been warning about his videos of him being blocked since August 2019, but the latest wave has been especially pronounced.

Among the games that have been blocked in this batch are several from the ‘Zelda’ saga, a couple of ‘Super Smash Bros.’, several from Super Mario and some from Kirby, among many others. Gilvasunner recalls from Twitter that his YouTube account has a completely informative purpose and for that reason he did not monetize the videos, although he understands Nintendo’s position, which exercises its legitimate right to distribute its material as it deems appropriate.

No diffusion pathways

This new decision by Nintendo comes shortly after the Japanese company closed its Nintendo Creators Program, designed precisely so that Nintendo material could see the light on YouTube. The thing hasn’t lasted long, and Gilvasunner’s followers have been ironic about how fans want to listen to the soundtracks of classic games from the house, but Nintendo only allows it in the ‘Super Smash Bros.’ music player.

These denunciations of Nintendo are added to the attitude that it is having lately of very strict protection of its properties. The attack against a Pokémon shooter managed to end the daring proposal. Some observers, such as the copyright lawyer David Bravo, are already predicting black times for the dissemination of content without permission, even if it is with an informative spirit.

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