NieR Replicant modders fix some issues and limit animation FPS

NieR Replicant has not been on the market for a week and the modding community has already started to fix some of the problems with the PC version. Although in this case the work of Square Enix is not as negative as that of NieR: Automata on Steam, the game has certain bugs that are annoying the experience of the players.

Some animations are associated with the fps and if they are unlocked the game speeds up

One of the main problems is that some animations are associated with the rate of images per second, which causes, for example, that if you play with unlimited fps the character speeds up, basically breaking the game. The community has already fixed this problem with a new mod that allows the title to be played above 60 fps without the animations breaking.

The mod “High FPS Fix” solves this very uncomfortable problem with animations, although as indicated by its creators, players may find a bug while using it. In addition to this fix, modder Special K, famous for fixing many of NieR: Automata’s performance bugs, has also released some modifications that improve other aspects of NieR Replicant.

NieR Replicant modders fix some issues
Nier Replicant

Special K has released a special version of his famous Kaldaien mod for NieR Replicant, which you can find on his Discord. This mod, which the creators of High FPS Fix also recommend, allows you to remove the mouse cursor that appears when you play with a controller, lets the player choose the fps freely and disconnects the internal vertical synchronization.

Other players have also complained, as PC Gamer has indicated, that the game makes a bad use of the GPU and CPU, which would be causing the title to go worse than it should on some computers. We’ll see if Square Enix decides to fix this, but it has taken four years to fix Nier Automata’s problems. By the way, Yoko Taro believes that Replicant will sell worse than Automata.

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