More Speed with more storage with higher capacity SSD

If you need the maximum storage possible and the maximum speed read and write, you’ll get all this with higher capacity SSD of that exist in the market.

Does a higher capacity SSD make sense?

The units SSD or (Solid State Drive) are present and future storage. Because they do not have moving parts, they are much more efficient, faster and consume less energy.However, its cells can only be written a limited number of times. How often?

Well, this depends on the manufacturer, although the latest models to reach the market guarantee between 5 and 10 years of guarantee of operation in optimal conditions.With time and the evolution of the components, this time is expected to increase even more, although for the moment this remains its great disadvantage. So the question is does it make sense to buy a higher capacity SSD knowing that it is limited?

Before going through our analysis the higher capacity SSD that you can find, we will tell you some of the characteristics that you should take into account to compare between models:

The answer, as always, depends on the use you are going to give it. In our article we have analyzed some SSDs that are optimized to work as servers, so they have been designed to move a large amount of data.There are also options focused on gaming, which allow you to save more data with much faster access speeds.

What an SSD should have in 2021

  • Storage capacity : This has been our main factor in conducting the analysis. The most common SSD drives range from 120GB to 8TB, more than enough for any home user. Although, as you will see later, there are already 30 and even 100 TB drives.
  • Reading speed : The main advantage of SSDs is that they offer you a much faster access to information speed. The standard is between 200 and 700 MB per second.
  • Connection type : Currently, the M.2 standard has established itself as the fastest and most efficient for connecting SSDs. If your computer allows it, this should be your option to consider.
  • Internal or external : External SSDs offer greater portability, however internal drives are the fastest today. You should take this into account when choosing the model that best suits you.

4TB SSD that you can find today

We start with a storage capacity that is not by far the largest, but that will be able to satisfy the needs of most users: 4TB, or what is the same, 4,000 GB.

Samsung 860 EVO SATA: the best known

If we talk about SSD drives, the Samsung SSD 860 EVO is one of the best known on the market. Its first models did not exceed 128 GB, but currently we can find up to 4TB as the top of the range of the South Korean brand.An internal unit that offers you great storage possibilities, however, its main drawback is its connection. Being SATA it will not allow you to develop the full power of the latest M.2 options, so you will have to settle for data transfer rates of 550 MB per second maximum.

Corsair MP600 PRO XT: para gamers

Corsair is a reference when it comes to computer components and with its range of MP600 PRO XT SSDs they have achieved a perfect unit for the most demanding users.

Its M.2 connection makes it much easier to put on the motherboard and offers sequential read and write speeds of up to 7,100 and 6,800 MB per second respectively.

Crucial X6: very portable

If you want to be able to take your SSD drive anywhere without risk, the Crucial X6 allows you to do it at a very reasonable price. This device can reach up to 4 TB of storage, so it will become your new adventure companion.

However, in exchange for portability you will have to give up some speed. Its connection via USB 3.2 offers you a reading speed of 800 MB per second, which will be more than enough for most uses.

Corsair MP600 PRO XT Hydro X: to brag

The SSD MP600 PRO XT Hydro X of Corsair is very similar in characteristics to the model we have discussed above. It has an M.2 connection to connect directly to the motherboard of your computer and offer a reading speed much higher than its competitors.

But its great advantage is in its design and its liquid cooling system. Two characteristics that you can only take advantage of within a PC in pieces, but that will be the icing on the cake of a high-performance computer.

Highest capacity SSD on the market

higher capacity SSD
higher capacity SSD

In this second part of the list you can find from options that start from 8 TB to the two SSD models with the most storage that currently exist.

Kingston DC500 Enterprise 2.5 ″: for demanding users

From here, things start to get serious with the higher capacity SSDs on the market. And here, Kingston is a safe value that offers you the guarantee of having a recognized brand in the world of components.

Thus, the DC500 Enterprise 2.5 ″ can handle the most demanding workloads and allows you to reach up to 7.68 TB of storage. However, as it is intended for servers, it connects via SATA and only manages to offer speeds of 555 MB per second at most.

Sabrent Rocket Q: hasta 8 TB

If you want to get up to 8 TB with your SSD drive, the drive that Sabrent provides with its Rocket Q is one of the most suitable. This device connects through the M.2 port to your computer, so you can take full advantage of the maximum transfer speed.

A high-performance solid state drive that offers lower power consumption than traditional hard drives and will serve you perfectly to configure your high-end equipment, whether it is laptop or desktop.

Sabrent Rocket XTRM-Q: double or nothing

If you want even more capacity, specifically double, and also in a portable format, Sabrent also has the Rocket XTRM-Q. This drive offers 16TB of robust storage for demanding professionals.

To achieve this, the company has launched a compact unit that integrates two cards of 8 TB each. All connected by the Thunderbolt 3 port, which offers transfer rates of 1,400 MB per second.

Samsung PM1653: for servers

Samsung’s latest for high-performance servers is its PM1653 series. This device has storage capacities that reach up to 30.72 TB, so you can get the most out of it when setting up your server.

Additionally, it is optimized for server and storage applications thanks to the SAS 24G interface. This allows it to offer up to twice the performance of previous models, with read speeds between 2,100 and 1,800 MB per second.

Nimbus Exadrive – The World’s Highest Capacity SSD

We end up with the company that has managed to develop the highest capacity SSD you can buy to date. This is Nimbus Data, which with its Exadrive reaches an incredible 100 TB of SSD storage.

An insane figure that only large companies will really take advantage of, but that lays the foundation for what will be the next generation of robust storage drives of the future.

The limit of storage capacity

As you have seen, the capacity of storage is no longer an impediment to buy an SSD. There are drives geared towards home users with up to 16 TB of storage that guarantee you plenty of space for almost any task.

Even professionals who require high transfer speeds and much storage as video or photo editors, you can find alternatives such as the SSD of Kingston that will make all your dreams reality.

However, the market continues to grow and a lot of work is currently being done to optimize SSDs for servers as much as possible. This would be the only reason to invest up to 40,000 euros in a hard drive like the one from Nimbus Data.

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