Mining bitcoins through a Commodore 64 is possible, although it will take a few million years to generate $10

I have not yet joined the wave of people mining bitcoin and something inside me tells me that I am missing a golden opportunity. The potential gains seem succulent, but the best thing is to be able to turn to old glories of the past to throw us a wire. Although you can always check the way to buy bitcoin safely.

This has been the idea of ​​8 Bit Show and Tell, a modder and programmer who has taken the mythical Commodore 64 and made the necessary modifications to mine bitcoin. As reported in Benchmark, this 1982 PC has a MOS Technology 6510 processor, whose speed is 1,023 MHz.

With 64 KB of RAM and 20 KB of ROM, we’re talking about a great device back then, but one that pales ridiculously against today’s machines. Despite everything, the “Bitcoin Miner 64” does its job, but at its own pace.

Obviously, some kind of penalty had to suffer and that is that the hash rate of the Commodore 64 reaches 0.3 H / s. Thanks to calculations by Notebookcheck, it would take approximately 758 million years to generate $ 10.

Mining bitcoin through commodore 64

One does not live by illusion, but it is surprising to see how such an old machine manages to fulfill current purposes. Meanwhile, Nvidia has launched CMP HX, its product intended for the crypto mining of Ethereum.

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