Microsoft Flight Simulator analysis: A successful flight simulator landing on Xbox Series X and S

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of those projects that makes value and feel lucky to enjoy a hobby like video games. And yes, it may seem like a silly or naive reflection, how wonderful is the variety of content that is offered on a regular basis at the controls of consoles and PCs, there are Asobo offers in its new development for Xbox Series X.It is frivolous not to be amazed at the technological muscle that there is after every second of flight.

In parts: Is it a game for everyone? Naturally not. In fact, is it a game? It will not for one who feels “self-conscious” in the face of the simplicity that many call things “game” evokes, but , players can meet, get a T.Flight Full Kit X of Thrustmaster and take to the airs of the whole world for the mere pleasure of doing it without leaving the sofa at home while others aspire to be Shanks with a Sanwa stick in Dragon Ball FighterZ. To each his own theme. Beyond personal reflections on how great it is to be a user of our leisure time, we must appreciate the brilliant effort made by Asobo to guarantee an ideal experience at the controls of Xbox. The challenge was not easy and they have more than met.

Microsoft flight simulator
microsoft flight simulator

Console simulation

You will only need to take a moment to take a moment to his complete tutorial to admire the exhaustive work that goes into the production of Asobo. Adapted to the console version, the instruction will allow you in a few hours to understand the basics of taking off, landing and flying an airplane. The layers of learning behind the simulator are countless, so it will be entirely up to the player to take advantage of the experience to their liking.

What does it mean?That there is no average Microsoft Flight Simulator player: there are players who will enjoy enjoying the different challenges proposed by the study, others will prefer to visit the most beautiful monuments on the planet from a bird’s eye view and, others, will simply enjoy the complete simulation of a transoceanic trip.

And it is always in your power to continue downloading new packs (free and paid) to improve even more if possible some prominent locations in the world. The number of possibilities are endless, and the number of options to enjoy the software is on par with the PC version.

In fact, during the different presentations of Microsoft Flight Simulator on the console, I kept asking myself how you could bring all the controls of an airplane to an Xbox controller, but it is exercises like the present that end up surprising you and showing the talent of the developers when optimizing controls.

Like everything else, it will be up to you to remove aids and flight suggestions, but for a neophyte of aviation as a server, it could not have felt a more rewarding flight experience with the Xbox pad.Another level plays when you add an accessory from the category of the T.Flight Full Kit X into the equation.

A toy that takes the game to a new level, allowing players to enjoy flight and control to a higher level. The decision to get one is limited exclusively to the desire you have to continue expanding your gaming experience beyond the command, naturally, so the addition, being excellent, is only suitable for sky enthusiasts, who will find a device ready to fill all the delights of Flight Simulator fans with exceptional materials and pure luxury finishes.

Pure next-gen technology

The tremendous technical effort behind such a pharaonic project like this must be fairly valued.That in a few seconds you can be flying in any location on the planet should be valued in the measure of what such a feat supposes. The rate of images per second is very stable and, rarely encountered problems that interfere with the beauty of its scenery and its relaxing trips. Perhaps the biggest problem in Flight Simulator depends on the synchronization with Azure, at which point some elements of the map are compromised for a few seconds, but once stabilized and synchronized, the action continues as normal.

Although the version enjoyed has been the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S users are just as surprised by the performance of the software on their console. It remains to be seen how Microsoft Flight Simulator will run on the original Xbox One, a version that, although announced by the publisher, remains undated.

However, the result of the production in the new generation could not be more meritorious, especially if we compare the requirements of the title on PC and how well it has been adapted to the circuitry of the North American gaming platform. A new success and, surely, the first great show of muscle of the system to date, since The Medium hardly put the technological monster that is Xbox Series X in trouble.

While in S we will not go beyond 1080p and 30 fps, X manages to hit the 4K barrier at the same frame rate. Unless you have a VRR screen, of course, with which you can enjoy a slightly higher rate in some places with little traffic.

There is no moment in Microsoft Flight Simulator when it is not beautiful to play: a beautiful metropolis dotted with the lights of houses at night, a sunset in Cairo, paradise islands in the Caribbean or a sunrise in Japan are moments that aboard any plane will shrink your heart.

The recreation of the different airplanes is sensational, with a visual and sound representation at the level of the best simulation productions on the market and with sick detail to recreate the control panels by heart.

Flying is a pleasure

We are not aware of the number of players who will accidentally fall into Microsoft Flight Simulator thanks to Xbox Game Pass. The best recommendation that I can make today is that you do not hesitate to download it if you are subscribed. Go fearlessly to enjoy a unique experience that can only be lived in three ways: on a real plane, a PC or an Xbox console.

It is no coincidence that the experience of the series has eluded all past generations of Xbox to date: only machines like Xbox Series X and S have been able to provide a production according to the technical and visual needs of the brand, one of the most ambitious and demanding in the video game industry.

Let’s not forget something: Microsoft Flight Simulator is the longest-running saga of the Redmond firm in the house. Significantly, the franchise’s landing permit on Xbox has been delayed for 20 years, which speaks wonders of the technology present on both platforms.

The care printed in each of the sections and nooks of the production is beyond doubt and represents an experience in which each user, regardless of their specialization or interest in aircraft, can find their place. Sit back and enjoy yourself, go to Spotify and search Come fly with me and let good old Frank do the rest. Let’s fly, let’s fly away.

Despite the unquestionable specialization and simulation present in the video game, Microsoft Flight Simulator manages to show a friendly face to any player regardless of their specialization in the genre. The Asobo title has experiences for all types of players and becomes the first game in the series to land on Xbox. A pharaonic project that relies on the cloud to perform a true technical miracle: allow you to fly around the world without limitation. A more than worthy port that has been adapted with great class in command.

Things you have to know:

  • A technological milestone to bring a simulator like Microsoft Flight Simulator to Xbox with such quality.
  • Great job adapting the controls to the remote – a very satisfying experience with very few buttons.
  • Traveling around the world thanks to Azure technology would have sounded impossible a few years ago. Today we have it on a video game console.
  • The experience could be hampered if the connection does not accompany during the game sessions.
  • The pending subject of Microsoft with the Castilian dubbing adds a new notch in its revolver.

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