Mass Effect: Legendary Edition: this is what the remastering of the galactic saga looks like on PS5 and Xbox Series X

You are all engrossed in your Commander Shepard, exploring the galaxy and making the same choices you made over a decade ago. Because the possibilities of BioWare works are many, but we always think that the right path is ours.

With such a powerful re-release for the new generation, the comparisons between the different versions of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition have begun to stand out. As usual, The Bit Analyst has been in charge of putting PS5 and Xbox Series X face to face to see how well they work against these versions. Here you have the result.

As can be seen in the video, both versions reach 2160p resolution in quality mode, dropping to 1440p if we activate performance mode. While there is this difference, nothing else changes during the change.

The stability in terms of the number of frames is the same, holding without problems in quality mode at 60fps. As we know, Series X has the possibility of increasing up to 120fps, although it suffers more and specifically with Mass Effect 1.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Where we appreciate the most notable difference is during load times, since for the main menu to appear, Series X takes just 3 seconds while the Sony console extends to 14. Finally, it should be noted that PS5 has some graphical problem with different elements.

You can also check how these new versions look on Xbox Series X compared to their original releases on Xbox 360. A video that clearly shows the great work done by the developer.

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