List of 7 New android apps

The Play Store is a veritable hotbed of applications, and that is why today we are going to stop for a moment to review some of the most outstanding news that have just landed in recent weeks in the Android app and game store.

Among the apps that have just been published or recently updated in the Play Store we have a lot of content derived from the latest Netflix success, some DIY material and tips app, communities to gain followers on TikTok and the odd casual but interesting game.

List of apps are:


OpenSea is one of the most popular NFT platforms of the moment, and now it also has its own app for Android. From here we can consult, discover and follow NFT assets that we might be interested in buying, although the app itself does not allow any type of purchase (we will have to do it from a web browser).

If we are involved in the world of cryptocurrencies, we will surely already know OpenSea, and although the app still has some bugs and errors, the truth is that it has a most positive assessment by the community.

Cookie Carver: Life Challenge

New android app
new android app

Cookie Carver is a game based on the popular series of the moment, The Squid Game. This is an arcade title with several minigames similar to the tests performed by the characters in the Netflix series, such as the cookie scratch game, the rope game, the glass tile game, etc.

Recently, the Play Store has been flooded by a lot of games that take advantage of the Squid Game, although this Cookie Carver seems to be the one that people are liking the most: it has already more than 5 million downloads and a rating of 4.2 stars.

Squid Game Stickers

Another section of the Play Store that has been overwhelmed by The Squid Game is the category of stickers for WhatsApp. We can count them by dozens, this pack of stickers that we attach below is one of the most downloaded. Includes stickers of the main characters, with a multitude of memes and screenshots of key moments from the series.

UPV Water App

Application developed by Closca and the UPV university that seeks to end single-use plastics for drinking water. With this app you can find all the points on any of the university campuses where you can fill your reusable bottle with water and receive rewards for drinking without generating plastic waste.


TikFans is basically a community made up of TikTok content creators looking to increase their number of followers quickly (and quite un organically). For this, it offers several methods or solutions, one of them being the classic “follow me and I’ll follow you” trick.It also has a system of points and services that we can buy with real money.

From people’s comments it seems that the app works, but it has a drawback, and that is that many of the followers are of Asian origin, which significantly hinders engagement. Personally, I would not recommend the use of this tool, but it is clear that not everyone thinks that way, since the app has crept into the top of the most downloaded new applications from the Play Store with hardly any.


ManoMano is a popular online store with more than 6 million DIY, garden and decoration products. All this accompanied by useful tips to bring your projects to fruition. The app has recently been renewed with a new version that improves performance and corrects errors from previous versions of the app.

Hello Froggy

Hello Froggy is a simple vertical platform game that uses the phone’s accelerometer to control the movement of a frog that we will have to take to the top, while we jump from leaf to leaf. A free game without internal purchases and quite fun with which to entertain ourselves while we wait for the bus, or we are in the dentist’s office.

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