List 10 minigames in Mario Party Superstars

Unlike Super Mario Party, where Nintendo forces you to play with the motion controls, in Mario Party Superstars anything goes: Joy-Con, Pro Controller and even portable mode, without restrictions. As such, flexibility is now more player-friendly, and thanks to that, we have minigames from past installments that we can enjoy, just as they came out in their respective releases.

The classic boards in Mario Party Superstars will not be the only thing that will remind us of pleasant evenings with friends, because if you were a serious player in the previous installments, you will surely know that several minigames are not suitable for those with an explosive character.

These 10 minigames were preserved as in memory

Mushroom Mix-Up

One of the best minigames
one of the best minigames

This minigame is one of the easiest to understand, but one that you can also play with greater freedom. Toad will choose a color, and only the corresponding mushroom will not descend into the water. Smash, kick, or team up with someone in secret.

Bobsled Run

Bobsled minigame
Bobsled minigame

It appeared in 2 installments of the series, and with good reason. In the first instance, it may look like a harmless race, but the mischievous who seeks chaos, and pushes the opposing team into the abyss, or his own partner, is never lacking.

Bombs Away

Another minigame that he repeated in several installments. Bombs Away is Mario Party’s battle royale, where everyone seeks to save their own skin, even if it means sacrificing others. There is great potential here to piss off gamers.

Honeycomb Havoc

The perfect minigame to set a trap for others. Under a simple premise of hitting the dice and rolling 1 or 2, whoever thinks 5 moves ahead in chess will be the last to laugh, and provoke the tantrum of his “friends”.

Cake Factory

Have you thrown tantrums over your useless teammates in Overcooked? Well, the same thing happens in Cake Factory, and if the game puts your rival as an ally, here is the perfect opportunity to get revenge, or at least, deny him 10 coins.

Tread Carefully

In Tread Carefully (aka Shell Shocked), alliances will always form. The “tank” style controls make the situation more frustrating, and having the other 3 players against you never ends well.

Pushy Penguins

Pushy Penguins is maddening by nature, as finding openings in the stampede of penguins is not easy. Add in the funny guy who just wants to get in the way, and you can end up with more than one rage at the end.

Bumper Balloon Cars

The ultimate in survival. Similar to Mario Kart’s combat mode, you will have to burst the balloon of others in the back of your vehicle. Beware the patient player who looks harmless, he is always the most treacherous.

Tube It or Lose It

Here are many ways to infuriate anyone. If you are alone, you can make others suffer, and eliminate them when they already tasted victory. If you are one of the other 3, you can get in the way of the others, and completely ruin the game.

Bumper Balls

A classic, and very similar to other minigames, but survival becomes more strategic with the different scenarios. No one survives a triple onslaught, and it’s not only not funny, but it causes hateful looks.

The Mario Party saga is famous for bringing our friends together at home, but also for causing anger and a thirst for revenge that, sometimes, we find it difficult to control. With 100 minigames from across the franchise ready to play on Superstars, you will surely have your own selection of the ones that make you furious when things don’t go your way. Share your memories with us!

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