Know more about prequels of ‘Game of Thrones’

Many followers of ‘Game of Thrones’ feared that it would end , but before this it did not take long for information about the possible four prequels to appear. And if lovers of the game want to know more about prequels of ‘Game of Thrones’ then there is good news. In fact, the information came before the eighth and final season of the series was released and there have been leaks until this summer, so it does not hurt to gather everything that is known about the prequels of ‘Game of Thrones’ .

Much was said about ‘ Bloodmoon ‘ or ‘The Long Night’, including its cast and start of filming , but although we got to know many details it was finally canceled (according to various media) or at least its development was stopped. Of those four possible prequels, three spinoffs were passed , and the one that seems more secure and advanced is the one based on the Targaryen dynasty .

“There will be dragons”

This prequel that George RR Martin himself confirmed (the author of the ‘Game of Thrones’ novels) will be based on the novel ‘ Fire & Blood ‘ and that “there will be dragons.” A book that went on sale in 2018 and that covers the definitive history of the Targaryens , the lineage of the popular and controversial Daenerys , so that the story would be set thousands of years after what would be ‘The Long Night’, remaining Well, between this and 300 years before ‘Game of Thrones’ chronologically.
The writer also confirmed that the prequel already has a title “although it is not the obvious one”, in reference to ‘Fire & Blood’ (like the book), which was later known and will be ‘House of the Dragon’. The script will be in charge of Ryan Condal (writer of ‘Project Rampage’ or ‘Colony’ among others) and George RR Martin himself, based on the novel. In fact, the writer confirmed that the script for the pilot is ready , as well as a kind of glossary or “bible” as a reference for characters, settings and other events in the series.
Along with Condal, another of the showrunners will be Miguel Sapochnik, who will also be in charge of directing the pilot and some more episodes of the spinoff. Series for which HBO has committed to 10 episodes for now.

The cast: a casting from which nothing has been leaked

According to EW sources , the casting for ‘House of the Dragon’ has already started, although there is nothing confirmed about the characters . The publication speaks of “the Dance of the Dragons” (a key civil war in the plot) as one of the main events of the series, so it is speculated that we would see characters such as:

King Viserys I: the fifth Targaryen king, more peaceful.

Queen Alicent Hightower: Viserys I’s second wife, stepmother of his heir and mother of three children.

Princess Rhaneyra Targaryen: heir to Viserys I, dragon rider and raised to be the first queen of Westeros.

Aegon II Targaryen: Rhaneyra’s stepbrother who will claim the throne from the one who holds it.
We clarify that they are not confirmed characters and that they are deductions from what is known about the plot. At the moment we do not know which faces will embody the characters in the series, so we will have to wait for something to be said about the cast.

When will it be released?

The premiere date was also discussed and according to Casey Bloys , president of HBO programming, it will be in 2022 , although he himself commented that it was too early to talk about premieres.
The executive also spoke about the rest of the projects, specifying that only ‘House of Dragons’ has the green light and explaining that ‘La Larga Noche’ did not finish curdling. Although on this Martin considered that it would not end up being ruled out and that both spinoffs would have a place with the wide range of streaming services, so who knows if they will finally return to this idea after talking about dragons.

Ideas in limbo

We have commented that there were up to five ideas for prequels, the one for ‘Bloodmoon’ being canceled a priori after the pilot was filmed and it did not finish working. The other productions that are in limbo while only ‘House of Dragons’ has the green light are:

Prequel to Max Borenstein: He is responsible for ‘Kong: Skull Island’ and an upcoming Godzilla movie. He is working on an idea for HBP but without much detail about it.

Brian Helgeland Prequel: Won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for ‘LA Confidential’. Like Max Borenstein, he works alone on a possible prequel. samsung Bot Care

Carly Wray Prequel with George RR Martin: He has worked on the acclaimed series ‘The Leftovers’ also on HBO and this time he is working on a prequel idea directly in collaboration with the author of ‘Game of Thrones’.

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