Kingdom Hearts 3 PC releasing via epic game store

Kingdom hearts 3 PC version and other epic games are releasing on March 30, 2021. Through a live session, Epic Games has announced one of the great novelties scheduled to reach its store in the coming months: the games of the Kingdom Hearts saga will arrive at its store exclusively within the PC ecosystem. These include Kingdom Hearts III, the latest installment, along with remastered versions of previous installments to help those interested in catching up on the series’ characters and adventures.

Along with him will come the remastering of several more installments of the Square Enix JRPG saga.

More specifically, we are talking about the kilometer-long titles Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 ReMix, Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. All of them will be available on March 30. The first on the list will cost $49.99 while the others will go up to $59.99. As you can see, in all cases we are talking about the full price, although in the specific KH3 we have to add the ReMind DLC.

All games including Kingdom hearts 3 PC are coming to PC at once on March 30, but only on Epic

In 2019, our comrade Jesús Bella analyzed Kingdom Hearts 3 on consoles (the only versions available at the moment) with a solid recommendation: regardless of its narrative defects, it is “a fantastic project, huge and worth all the effort invested. “If you are mentally prepared for the adventure, it is time to check if your PC meets the requirements to be able to play. PC games are still most played all over the world.

Kingdom hearts 3 PC (III)

Later, Square Enix released updates and content to challenge more experienced users; with new games on the horizon. In the absence of details, Nomura anticipates drastic changes to the intricate history and universe of the legendary JRPG.

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