Engage & Learn: Interactive Questions Transform YouTube in Google Classroom

Google Classroom

The latest update to Google Classroom gives teachers an exciting tool to turn any YouTube video into an interactive lesson for their class.

This is a function that has been in testing for months, and that in the coming days will begin to be implemented in some editions of Google Workspace for Education.

Teachers turn a YouTube video into an interactive lesson

The Google team announced an interesting update for Classroom, which opens up a range of possibilities for teachers who use YouTube as part of their teaching tools.

So you don’t have to ask separate questions or quizzes when integrating a YouTube video as part of your class activities, Classroom is adding an “interactive questions” feature.

This allows them to add questions or quizzes to the YouTube video  for students to respond to as they watch the content, as you see in the image above.

This new dynamic will make the content more enjoyable for students, since they will have to pay attention to answer the questionnaire that appears on the screen, and it will not become a simple passive activity.

And on the other hand, students will be able to demonstrate that they understood the concepts presented in the video. And of course, it gives them the opportunity to review the information again if the answer given is not correct.

A new tool to track student progress

For their part, teachers will be able to access this information and track student progress. That way, they will be able to see who needs to reinforce a concept, or if it is necessary to add more content to the lessons so that the class can expand the information.

One detail to keep in mind is that administrators will need to activate YouTube as a service for educators for this feature to be implemented.


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