How to take photos from any other app with your mobile

If you want to know how to take photos from any other app with your mobile then here you can read. The phone camera is one of the apps that we use the most on a daily basis, of course, because with it we can unleash our creativity or immortalize any everyday moment. There is also a way to use the camera even while we are in another app, all thanks to another app that allows us to see it in a floating window .

The PiP or floating window mode has been extended in recent years on Android , where it has become a native functionality, which allows us to get more out of many apps where its use is perfect, with clear examples such as YouTube or WhatsApp.

A floating window with the photo camera

That is what allows us to make an interesting app for our mobiles. So interesting that it is able to activate the PiP function to the camera of our phone. With it we can see what happens in front of the camera and take photos without leaving other applications.
Something really interesting that can give a completely different meaning to our phone and its use. With this application you can move a window with the camera preview across the screen , and take pictures when necessary.

So you can take pictures in a floating window

All this is possible thanks to an app, since it is not possible natively on most mobiles. Since the split screen utility of the system is not compatible with the camera app of each terminal. For this reason, we must install the “Floating Camera” app that we can download from Google Play. With it, you can see a thumbnail of the camera from any area of ​​the screen and take photos whenever you want from other apps. The operation is very simple, and once we open the app we must click on the green button , with the text ” Start Camera ” which is the one that starts the floating window photo camera.
At the same time that we press the button we can see the floating window on the screen and move it as we wish throughout it. This is kept on any app that we access on the phone. We can move it from position to our liking by sliding it with our finger, and we can even make it larger and to better see the miniature of what is framed in the camera. To take photos, we only have to click twice on the floating window, it will be then when we see a green shutter icon that confirms that the photo has been taken.

Floating camera setting
Floating camera setting

Within the application we can choose the quality at which the photos are taken, as well as a default size of the floating window where the camera is displayed. We can also choose that the photos we take are saved in the cloud. From this app you can also see the photos taken with the camera and share them with other apps. Finally, you can also choose which camera to use, whether the native of the phone or the app. If you want to know how to take photos from any other app with your mobile then you have to download this app from play-store first.

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