How to move the start menu to the left in Windows 11 and make other settings on the Taskbar

With Windows 11 already reaching the different computers, the first change that draws attention is the renewed Start menu and the location of the default icons on the Taskbar that now appear centered. A change the latter that can take some getting used to and that we can nevertheless easily reverse by changing its location.

We can move the start menu from the central part of the screen to the left area that we are used to. You just have to dive between the settings of the “Taskbar”, settings that allow other changes to try to adapt as much as possible to our liking.

The “Taskbar” has lost potential with Windows 11 and that is undeniable. We cannot carry it around or expand its size in the same way that we cannot play with icons and shortcuts. But at least we can resume its situation in previous versions of Windows.

I have to admit that I like it more centered, but for those who prefer it to the left, the steps are very simple. Simply enter “Settings” from the “Taskbar” by right-clicking on the trackpad or the mouse on it.

This takes us directly to the “Personalization” section within the configuration and in the right area of ​​the window among all the options we must look for the section “Behavior of the taskbar” and click to display it.

Of all the options, the one that interests us is the first one, the one titled “Taskbar alignment” . At that point we can only choose between centered and to the left, which is the one we want to use.

Other changes and adjustments

But this is not the only change that we can carry out, since we can also determine which icons appear in the corner of the “Taskbar” while those that we do not mark will do so in the context menu that is displayed in a traditional way.

In addition, we can choose the icons that appear in the right corner of the Taskbar referring to the “Pencil Menu” , “Touch keyboard” and “Virtual touch panel” .

Along with these we can choose the buttons that appear on the “Taskbar” next to the Windows symbol. By default comes the “Search”, the “Task View” and the “Widgets”. If we are not interested, we can move the tab so that they do not appear as in “Chat”.

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