How to make use of WiFi 7 at 40 GBps

Many of us already enjoy WiFi 6 connections today, which allows us to have more devices connected and navigate faster, but surely you did not know that there are already details of what WiFi 7 will be like, which will arrive in 2023.

Details have been seen in a recent demo by MediaTek. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, it could have the potential to reach speeds of up to 40 Gbps, a number that, of course, depends on the connection that enters the router.

Let’s remember that the current WiFi 6 can reach 9.6 Gbps if conditions allow it. For this, it is necessary that a quality optical fiber enters, that the atmospheric conditions are ideal and that the router and devices are compatible, but being able to have 40 Gbps opens the door to many possibilities, since it would be equal to cable connections such as thunderbolt 3.

With WiFi 7, the possibility that a device via WiFi behaves in the same way as a device connected with a cable is approaching, and that is something that directly affects us as end consumers. On the other hand, it would also affect the infrastructure needs of a company, which would not have to wire everything and would offer WiFi 7 to all employees.

As I mentioned, WiFi 7 productions are expected to arrive in 2023, but we don’t know if it will be adopted globally or not.

Before it arrives, it is important to know well what we already have with us, that is why I leave you the video of WiFi 6 that I recorded for you months ago:

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