How to connect to Wi-Fi network from your iPhone without the need for a password

If you want to connect iPhone to unknown Wi-Fi without password or wps then it is easy. When we visit friends and family, we may need to access a Wi-Fi network. Either to avoid consuming data or to download apps or any other task that requires intensive use of the internet. Luckily, there are two ways to quickly connect your iPhone to a new Wi-Fi network and avoid entering complicated passwords, let’s see what they consist of.

Share access to Wi-Fi with another iPhone or iPad user

The first method to quickly connect to a new Wi-Fi network from the iPhone is very simple. It is enough that another iPhone user is already connected to that network so that you can also take advantage of it. You just have to follow these steps:
Unlock the iPhone that already has access to the Wi-Fi network.
From your iPhone, try to connect to the network you want to access (it should be within your reach).
A notice will appear on the first iPhone asking the user if they want to share the password for that Wi-Fi with a new iPhone.
You accept and ready. The second iPhone should be able to connect to the new network without the need to search or type those complicated passwords that all Wi-Fi have. Note that both iPhones must be within range of the Wi-Fi network. It will not work if you are on another site.

Connect to a new Wi-Fi network with the iPhone camera

connect iPhone to unknown Wi-Fi without password

It is even easy to connect iPhone to Wi-Fi without password just using your camera. The iPhone camera is one of the most powerful and versatile on the market. What many users are unaware of is that it can be used for more than taking photos or taking videos. Through the camera we can connect with the iPhone to an unknown Wi-Fi network without having to type complicated passwords.
The process is very simple, although it needs us to ensure some preliminary adjustments. On your iPhone, check the following: go to Settings> Camera and enable the Scan QR Codes option ( a feature present since iOS 11 ). You will also need the Wi-Fi router to have a QR code that allows you to access it without entering the password or searching for its ID.

With this done, just open the iPhone Camera app and focus on the QR code. This is often difficult since routers are in a location that is sometimes difficult to lift and light .
Now, keep the camera pointed at the QR code and you will see how a notification is displayed. Just press it and a dialog will appear to see if we want to connect to this new Wi-Fi network. By accepting, we will be inside.
These are two little tricks that will save us a lot of time. Especially if we combine them, connecting an iPhone with the QR first and then sharing the credentials with other users later.

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