How to apply different wallpaper to Windows 10 virtual desktop

We will explain how to put a different wallpaper to each Windows 10 virtual desktop, so that each workspace you think has your own customization. Virtual desktops are a good way to have different sets of open applications in each, and the ease with which you can navigate from one to another help a lot to use them as different environments or work spaces. However, they are still a function that has to improve. Recently, in one of the latest updates we were able to start putting them different from each one, but there is still no native method for them to have different wallpapers and thus be able to separate the environments better. But Windows is open enough to have a third-party application that allows this task to do. In order to do this we have been looking for and testing some tools, such as a promising Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Enhancer of open source that at least it has worked on me. Therefore, in what I have delegated to another Sylphyhorn, also open source and you can download from the Microsoft Store. The bottom line is made in each desktop transition and is something forced and little fluid, but it is the best we have managed to run.

A different wallpaper on each windows virtual desktop

Before you begin, the first thing is to create virtual desktops. We have already explained here to create and manage them, but in short, press Windows + tab and you go to the task view, where you have a new desktop button to add them. Then, by pressing on Windows + Control + Arrow to Right or Left You can go by sailing for them.

Now you have to prepare the wallpapers you want to use as required by the application. All funds must be in the same folder inside your computer, and you have to put them as names a number that is the desktop wherever you want to put them. For example, if you are going to have two virtual desktops, then in the background you want to put in the first call it 1, and you want to put in the second call 2. Both should be suitable for your resolution.

Wallpaper app Store

You can use Windows 10 wallpaper after downliading this app via app store. Now, you must enter the Sylphyhorn profile at the Microsoft Store, opening the application store that is pre-installed in Windows 10 and looking for the application.

Once the application is installed, open it. It will not be opened directly on the whole screen, but you will be minimized in the hidden icons of the taskbar. Right click on your icon there as shown in the capture, and in the small pop-up menu click on the settings option to be able to configure it.

Now it’s easy. When the Settings window is opened, in the left column click on the section Background (1), which is to manage the funds. There, activate the Change the Background for Each Desktop option that will activate the funds function for each virtual desktop. In the space below write the address of the folder where you have the funds (2) that must be with numerical names. If you press at reference, the browser will open to look for them by hand.

And it’s already. After just doing that, you will already have everything configured, and when you are changing virtual desktop, the wallpaper will also be changed according to what you have configured. Remember that if you have more desks, the more funds you will have to organize in your folder. The application is configured to open next to Windows automatically so you do not have to operate it by hand.

And as you have seen in the previous capture, every time you change a notification to you. This notification can be deactivated in the application settings, within the general section, deactivating the DISPLAY option to Notification When Switched Virtual Desktop, which literally means displaying a notification when you change from virtual desktop.

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