How has the video game market grown over the years? This infogram shows you easily

How has the video game market grown over the years? With the pace that prevails in the industry, where data and news fly by every week, it is sometimes difficult to get an idea of ​​the current state of video games. Of the money that this industry supposes on a global scale, of its evolution with the generations, or of the effect that the appearance of new distribution and development models that did not exist in the past has on its figures.

Well, you have all this summarized in an impressive infogram made by, visual Capitalist based on historical data from the Pelham Smithers agency, specialized in technology markets. And in it, the volume of income that the video game market industry represents as a whole over the years is clearly shown. A journey through history, where the facts and trends that have given rise to the current state of the sector are easily appreciated.

Video game market

For example, the most veteran of the world will have noticed immediately in that weakness that represents the crash of the 83 video games, or also in the decline of the arcades over the years. But it’s also interesting to see the explosive growth of mobile games, where it’s easy to see how their rise cannibalized the success of handheld consoles. Consoles and PCs have been a constant in recent decades, while, on the horizon, you can see a VR sector that is beginning to emerge.

It is, in short, a good way to witness the effect that each historical trend has had on the future of the industry, which does not fully delve into each element, but manages to capture an immense amount of information in a visual and simple way. In recent months, some interesting reports have been published regarding current trends, such as one that indicates that 35% of players have at least one active subscription among the various services present in the industry.

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