Halo Infinite runs out of a cooperative campaign at launch, although the game is still scheduled for 2021

Last summer we learned of Microsoft and 343 Industries’ decision to delay Halo Infinite , a need stemming from a somewhat cold reception from the community and development issues that were undoubtedly compounded by the global health crisis . However, the developers and Microsoft promised to satisfy the fans and took that time to launch a high-quality product, showing it again this year with a renewed appearance and generating very good sensations .

Microsoft confirmed that the multiplayer would be free-to-play and that the campaign would launch in late 2021, but without specifying a date. Today, through the talk of the developers we have learned more information, and that is that the cooperative campaign for the game will not be launched . This is a blow to all fans of this game mode, classic on the other hand in the saga.

Neither will we have the famous Forge level editor at launch , these modes will be introduced through free post-launch updates . The developers have explained that they are putting all their efforts in closing a quality release and to keep dates they have had to make the decision to delay these game modes.

The good news is that the launch is still scheduled for this year , so everything indicates that the decision to release ballast has to do with the need to maintain that date. The developers have talked about the multiplayer technical test and have been very optimistic about it, they have considered it a success, they have also confirmed to be aware of the problems and have promised to solve them .

The Halo Infinite campaign and multiplayer will be available at launch, but the cooperative campaign is planned for Season 2 . For its part, the Forge mode will have to wait for something more, to Season 3 . If you want to calculate what you will have to wait to enjoy these game modes, you have to bear in mind that a season lasts about three months . 343 has promised to announce the final release date very soon.

Just a few days ago we also learned that combat executions had been left out of 343’s plans for the launch of Halo Infinite. Several years have passed since the announcement of the new great installment of the Master Chief saga, but there is still a little more to enjoy his new adventure , which will be available this year on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S .

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