Gotham Knights release date delayed to 2022: the new game in the Batman universe will be waiting

Gotham Knights release date is delayed to 2022. Bad news for fans of the DC universe who arrive on the weekend in which the long-awaited Snyder’s Cut from the Justice League has finally been released. We will have to wait to enjoy Batman and the rest of the characters in the factory. The official account of the game developed by Warner Bros. Montreal has announced that Gotham Knights release date is delayed until 2022. Remember that the production was presented during the DC FanDome in August with a view to being released this year.

Warner Bros. Montreal needs more time to provide the best possible experience for players.

In the statement issued, the team responsible for Gotham Knights is quite brief, and they only say that they need more time to offer the best possible experience to their community of players. At the same time, they appreciate the support and promise new material for the game in the coming months, to make something more bearable waiting for the fans, who will have to wait another year. Now, apparently, it will be reunited in time with Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, the other game in the DC universe in development; this time by Rocksteady.

Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl and Robin are the protagonists of Gotham Knights

Gotham Knight takes the Batman universe for a cooperative action adventure; albeit with the Dark Knight out of action. Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing and Red Hood are the controllable characters in this proposal in which, taking advantage of the unique abilities of each superhero and working in company, players have to cooperate to fulfill certain missions, fighting enemies with a revamped system of combat and, of course, taking on some of DC’s best-known villains along the way.

In fact, the Gotham Knights combat system is one of the aspects that has attracted the most attention, as it shows a complete redesign with respect to the Batman Arkham saga. “We’ve completely redesigned the combat system to work well in co-op, because that’s the exciting part of the experience for us,” said Fleur Marty, producer of the game. Now, the four mentioned heroes, as we saw in their first gameplay, will be able to create spectacular cooperative executions to destroy the thugs they will have to face. Gotham Knights release date for 2022 will become more exciting for gamers with new experience.

Batman, Gotham Knights release date

Although, unfortunately we will have to wait until 2022 to see it in action. Let’s remember that more than five years have passed since we last visited Gotham, on that occasion with the remarkable Batman: Arkham Knight.

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