Google renews the Play Store interface in Android 12, this is how it looks with Material You

Google unexpectedly revamped the app store interface in Android 12 by changing the aesthetics of the bottom menu to fit Material You. Redesigned icons and animations, selection with an ellipse of color out an aesthetic renewal of all its applications and services: with the switch to Android 12, Material you and its automatic color customization, known as Material Theming, comes into play.

Some apps include brushstrokes with a static saying, the Play Store itself offered a few details. Now Google has completely redesigned the store interface with a redesigned menu that, in turn, renews itself automatically.

The bottom menu of Google Play is much more animated

The Google Play renewal incorporates the changes introduced a few weeks ago in the account selector. The new interface appears on phones updated to Android 12, such as our Google Pixel 4a. The Play Store unexpectedly presented the new look.

New look of  Google playstore in Android 12
New look of Google playstore in Android 12

The bottom menu adapts the icons to the style of Material You, offers the mark in the form of an ellipse on each selected element and, as usual in Material Theming, the color of the accent, icons and background of the selector is automatically adapted to the chosen wallpaper. In addition, the hue also customizes the bottom of the search drawer, in the upper area of ​​the screen.

Another aspect that has been renewed is that of the animations of the lower menu. Google maintains a similar movement, although now it is somewhat smoother and adapts to the colors chosen on the wallpaper. Automatic customization adds charisma to the content type selector.

The changes introduced in the Play Store are activated automatically from the Google servers, but only on those mobiles that are already updated to Android 12 (and that also include Material Theming compatibility). The design update is progressively being expanded to users who meet the above requirements.

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