Google Offers A Free Course : How To Enroll

Google offers free training that, according to the company, prepares for jobs that pay salaries of $ 81,940 a year, about 6,800 a month, in the international market.It is a new certification to learn mobile application development for cell phones with Android operating systems.

It can be done completely remotely and requires about 10 hours of study per week for five to six months. It is taught in English.Although the course is free, the company also offers a test that certifies knowledge and has a value of $149.

According to Grow, Google’s training program, 82% of Certification graduates report an impact on their career, such as finding a new job. In addition, they ensure that to take the course you do not need previous programming experience.“Mobile apps and smartphones are everywhere, and more people are consuming media on phones than on laptops or other devices.

As an Android developer, you will have the opportunity to reach billions of people in a meaningful way through applications on their phones and connected devices ”, they assure in Grow.

What does an Android developer do?

The job of an Android developer can vary greatly depending on the size and type of organization in which they work, whether they are self-employed or part of a large team of developers. Typically, being an Android developer involves building, maintaining, and debugging Android applications.

In smaller companies, such as those with fewer than 20 employees, for example, Android developers may be responsible for defining features and applications, as well as managing their own work and processes.

In larger companies, these developers will likely work in teams that include engineers of different levels of seniority, a product manager who organizes and defines the work, and a designer who designs the applications and features that the developers build.

Depending on the company, Android developers can also work with data analysts, user researchers, and marketers.

A typical day for an Android developer may include: participating in technical discussions about how an application should be built; read or write a design document that details a plan to build an application or feature; work on correcting bugs that are assigned by a product manager; and write code to build a new feature that improves an application.

How much does an Android developer earn?

According to data from the Burning Glass: Labor Insight 2020 report cited by Google, the average salary for Android developers in companies is at $ 81,940 per year in the US and, at the time of the report, it was estimated that there were 35,900 jobs in that market for this item.

What are the requirements to take the Google course?

As it is a self-taught career, it is recommended to be consistent. Once the person has internalized the knowledge, practiced the programming language, completed the requested projects and completes the classes, they can choose to take the Google certification exam.

Upon completion one can choose to take the paid exam where, if passed, Google will award an official company diploma as a professional Android application developer, which will allow them to qualify for entry-level jobs in demand in the development of said system operational.

How to enroll in the Google course?

To enroll, you just need to go to the Grow With Google website, click on Career Certificates and choose the Associate Android Developer Certification course.

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