Google is testing a new home page that looks suspiciously like Bing and Yahoo!

Google Search Engine

Since its launch in 1998, Google’s search engine home page has retained its clean and minimalist interface, including the famous Doodles. However, this could be about to change, as Mountain View is testing a new design, which includes information such as news, weather and more.

If we just stop for a moment to think, we can realize that this idea is not new. The home pages of Yahoo! Bing and MSN have made it their standard to provide us with a good dose of news and “interesting information”, but Google has been reluctant to adopt this type of position, until now.

We could be facing the biggest interface change of the Google home page

The new concept that Google is testing for the home page of its search engine seems to be inspired by Discover, the widget-based content recommendation interface designed for mobile devices. As we can see in the images, the cards appear below the search box.

The number of cards depends on the size of the window and we do not have the possibility to scroll down to see more. As for the information, this is based on our location and activity on the web. So far, the tests have identified these six categories:

  • Weather : weather condition with icon + temperature. Three-day forecast on hover
  • Trending – Cover image with search count
  • What to watch : Shows and movies with covers
  • Stocks/Markets – Chart of the day on hover
  • Local Events : with date
  • COVID-19 news

Hovering over any of the cards expands them to show more information. If we click, instead, it opens on a Google web results page. Also, the new interface offers an option to “hide the content”.

While any type of change typically takes a lot of internal development time before it’s announced or leaked, the test of the new interface curiously comes as some people believe Google’s search engine is dying.

Are these changes coming soon to the Google home page? We do not know. At the moment, the interface is being tested only on some accounts , so we will have to wait to see if Mountain View says to do an extended test or a general rollout.

For now, as we mentioned above, we can highlight that seeing the new design reminds us of Bing, MSN or Yahoo! In the case of the latter, a characteristic visual concept of the platform, which has been present for many years. The last image, dating from 2005, proves it.

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