Piquerismo: Fun facts about this sexual game

Piquerismo is the interest in stabbing, piercing or penetrating the skin with sharp objects, such as knives, pins or nails as a sexual practice

In June 2007, a 25-year-old American (Frank Ranieri) was arrested in New York on charges of assault. He was accused of paying large sums of money to at least five young women in exchange for pricking their buttocks with sharp objects (pens, pins, nails, etc.) while masturbating.

The desire to cut or prick the skin of another person is a paraphilia known as piquerismo. The serial killer Jack the Ripper is believed to have suffered from an extreme form of piquerismo, which is associated with sadism.

At the other extreme is masochism, in which people experience sexual arousal associated with receiving pain, sometimes extreme, mistreatment or humiliation. The behaviors associated with sexual masochism can be carried out alone or with a partner, which includes being spanked, beaten, and electric shocks. cuts or punctures with needles.

In milder cases of piquerismo, it may be enough to stick a pin in the buttocks or genitals to provide gratification. At the most extreme they lead to serious injury and even death.

Cuts in parts of the body

Piquerismo is considered a sexual inclination, so most parts of the body where cuts or punctures occur have a sexual connotation, such as the breasts, buttocks, groin or genitals.

In most cases, piquerismo is pleasant for those who practice it only when it is done to another person, and it is supposed to be a simulation of sexual penetration.

It is common for the person who is voluntarily cut or punctured to have a masochistic inclination. At present, psychology does not consider masochism as a pathology. To be diagnosed, masochistic behavior must incapacitate the person in their daily life or cause distress. If the patient does not experience anxiety, guilt, shame, or other negative feelings related to masochistic sexual desires, it is considered a sexual interest, not a disorder.

Why piquerismo produces pleasure

It is unclear why some people derive pleasure through piquerism, and there is no research that has specifically analyzed this sexual preference separating it from other forms of sadism to understand why some people have it.

Fetishes like piquerismo present risks. If everyone in the agreement is aware of the risks and willing to accept them, they can agree and take steps to minimize them. Every time the skin is pierced, bacteria can enter. This can lead to infection and adverse effects.

It is also possible to puncture blood vessels or arteries. This can lead to increased blood loss and serious complications. You can reduce the risk of infection and other complications by sterilizing all used objects and choosing areas of the body where there is no risk of accidentally cutting a major artery or blood vessel.

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