Facts About Symmetric Fiber Optics That Will Blow Your Mind

Symmetric Fiber optics is the fastest type of Internet connection available. Its excellent instantaneity is due to the fact that it is transported by high capacity transoceanic cables and is capable of reaching speeds of over 1000 mbs.

It is also known as symmetric optical fiber because it offers the same content on and upload speed, which is ideal if you use the Internet to play online, upload a lot of audiovisual content, make high-definition video calls, watch movies and broadcast live. while you play.

symmetric fiber optics internet connection

For infrastructure reasons. This type of connection is not very common, ADSL being the most common method, although it does not offer the same speed of loading compared to downloading, among other limitations.

Differences between symmetric fiber and ADSL connection

ADSL, which translates as ” Asymmetric Digital Subscriber List “, or ” Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line “, allows the transmission of digital data and access to the Internet using the same connection of a telephone line, unlike the fiber optic that counts with its own high-performance cable extension.

For its part, symmetrical optical fiber works with a type of cable made up of glass and plastic fibers that transmit data at the speed of light, while ADSL works with copper cables that transmit in 2 directions and travel to one speed much lower than the other alternative.

What seemed impossible before is now a reality. Speeds of 600, 800 or 1000 mbs of upload and download can be achieved regardless of the number of computers you have connected to the same network.

Different operators offers many Fiber Optic Internet offerings that meet today’s most common needs, from moderate use to high intensity streaming of multimedia content and games.

Advantages of Symmetric Fiber Optics

But how superior is it to the copper wire method? Let’s discuss the following advantages:

Top bandwidth

What is known as bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred between 2 points on a network in a specific time. It is an essential element to determine the speed and quality of any Internet connection.

In the case of fiber optics, the bandwidth exponentially exceeds the performance of a copper cable connection, easily reaching records of up to 2000 mbs.

Higher quality and speed to transmit data

Its symmetry means that it allows you to send data at the same speed as it receives it, with which you can make video calls in high definition, play online, send content to social networks, watch movies and even broadcast live, all at the same time. stable and fast.

It is the ideal type of connection to get the most out of your entertainment and communications on the Internet.

Ideal for teleworking

In times of confinement, the work-from-home model has become very common. Whether you work in a company or are a freelancer, having a good internet connection is increasingly necessary.

Increased cyber security

Its very nature of transmission makes it easier to detect and block illegal network intrusions . An internet network that shares infrastructure with telephone networks will always have the risk of being hacked, as in the case of ADSL connections.

Not surprisingly, many banks and companies that handle important information and data rely on this type of connection to minimize the risks of hacking on the web.

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