Download The Witcher: Enhanced Edition for free and keep it forever

Now you can download The Witcher: Enhanced Edition for free and forever. Long before we enjoyed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt , CD Projekt RED had already made a name for itself with the two previous The Witcher video games.

Although there are not a few of us who demand a remake of the first The Witcher of 2007, partly because of how badly it has aged in certain technical aspects, it is still a living history of the video game that you can now incorporate into your GOG Galaxy catalog in a way totally free download The Witcher Enhanced Edition by following a few simple steps.

  • First, download or update GOG Galaxy
  • Have a GOG account, of course. It’s free
  • Go to the “Recent” tab, inside “Games” (left sidebar)
  • Click on the “Giveaway” button to receive news from GOG
  • And after this (unless we already had it), it will be incorporated into our library

With this we save the 8.59 euros it costs, although it was not the first time they have given it away. But it is not bad that they repeat it, right?

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