Death Stranding 2 in development? Actor Norman Reedus creates confusion with his words

The protagonist of Hideo Kojima’s latest game Death Stranding 2 has set off alarms about the development of a sequel.

Hideo Kojima’s debut in his own studio, Kojima Productions , brought us a work as brave as Death Stranding , a magnificent game that has also turned out to be a bestseller . With these data, it is not surprising that there is speculation about a second installment of the game that starred Norman Reedus . From practically the launch of the game, the developer was groping about the idea of ​​the sequel and although at no time did Kojima confirm that it was going to be developed, did he talk about how he would carry it out if it ended up existing .

This time it has been Norman Reedus who has set off alarms about the development of the game’s sequel, the actor has been interviewed in AdoroCinema , a magazine associated with the IGN Brasil group , which in turn has echoed some statements that the actor performed at a panel discussion when they were talking about season 11 of The Walking Dead.

In conversations the actor has declared to believe that they were doing a second Death Stranding , the game would still be in negotiations at that time, but Reedus celebrated it to the emotion of the journalists. Although we know that Norman Reedus would be a part of future Kojima projects , we cannot take these statements as confirmation of the development of a Death Stranding sequel, as it could refer to Death Stranding Director’s Cut .

Norman Reedus’ statements seem firm enough, but we will still have to wait for an official confirmation on the future of Kojima Productions and their new project , which is reportedly in the early stages of development of a new action game. While we wait for more information about it, Kojima Productions presented a new gameplay video for Gamescom 2021 in which we have been able to see all the news that this Death Stranding Director’s Cut will bring.

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